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Dirty Hippies Living on Love

Hippy’s Handbook: How to Live on Love

Submitter: The attached came to me for consideration because of “condition.” It was in a Gaylord binder and the glue had come off on the front.  Gotta love this one!

Holly: There are people who will love this book, no doubt.  Those people should look for it in the used book sale, not on library shelves.  With this cartoony page (above), it can’t even be taken seriously as a historical or sociological study.

Mary:   Wonder how many hippies are still wandering in Haight-Ashbury and the East Village?  Maybe this up to the minute data includes where to get a good “senior discount”.  Love this title!

0 Responses to Dirty Hippies Living on Love

  • I know what I am wearing for Halloween this year!

  • And you folks always say the 70s were the worse fashion decade. This is WAY worse then the awesomeness that was the disco era!

  • Does it have an illustrator note? Those drawings look so much like Edward Gorey.

    This is exactly the kind of thing I would pick up at a vintage store for a laugh.

  • Was this serious? Because it sure seems tongue in cheek. After all, there is nothing less hip than an instruction guide for how to be hip!

  • I like how the cover shows a guy with two attractive women – as if promising if you become a hippie you’re a guaranteed participant in a threesome.

  • The day the cover photo was taken, did the photographer just hop over to the set of I Dream of Jeanie to get a look at the extras?

  • Ha! I totally want this book. I have a book called the “Cyberpunk Handbook” from about a decade ago that has a tongue-in-cheek “guide to fashion” that is just about like this, haha, the more things change the more they stay the same I guess.

  • I appreciate that the illustrator thoughtfully pointed out that hippy women don’t wear bras. Imagine the embarrassment otherwise of showing up to a party to find you are the only woman with supportive undergarments.

  • Of course it’s a historical document- the moment it was printed was the moment the “movement” was ended and the marketing became the movement.
    All of the real ones had moved on by then.

  • Too grooooooovy, man! So, if I borrowed this book and followed its instructions, I could really make the scene and totally dig it all?

  • Let’s see, I had the hair, the boots, the glasses, the peace button, the shirt, the jeans, and the hat. OMG, was I a hippy? I wish I had the book back then so I could have gotten the rest of the outfit.

  • I can’t say anything about the East Village, but there are plenty of old hippies in the Haight. Mostly tourists now.

  • The photo on the cover shows mods not hippies. These people are washed and coifed and fashionably dressed (and wearing bras). Hippies would be wearing ratty jeans, peasant shirts, facial hair (even the women) and no makeup.

  • The photo on the cover shows mods not hippies. These people are washed and coifed and fashionably dressed (and wearing bras). Hippies would be wearing ratty jeans, peasant shirts, facial hair (even the women) and no makeup.

  • Ankle bells, huh? Mmkay.

  • I’m tempted to own this book. I enjoy collecting a lot of historical popular culture titles from the 1960s and 70s. This would fit nicely in my collection. And yes the cover shows Mod clothing, not hippy clothing. Some Mods looked down on hippy’s as being “riff-raff”.

  • Awesome! I bought the Valley Girl handbook from a used bookstore back in the late 90s. I wonder if it’s the same people. It was hilarious.

  • I want this book SO badly, but Amazon doesn’t have it…must check Ebay and keep hunting!

  • Who was this book aimed at? No real hippie would have bought it. And “How to live on love”? What the hell does that mean? This book was either aimed at poseurs (fashionistas who wanted to be told how to get with the times), or the author pulled a snow job on the publisher.

  • I have this book and in good condition. I was just visting my sister and she gave me some stuff from a long time ago. It is fun to read. Forgot I had it.
    To C.J.- There is no illistrator note on the drawing, page 44,45. Obvously I am kinda thrilled to having found it but it seems there are some people here who would love it more than me.
    Yes I will part with it ………..best offer $$ or trade ! Peace Love & Groovy……Ron
    Make me an offer mhexplor@sympatic.ca

  • Still for sale on April 17th 2012 🙂 First printing – 1967