Dictate this!

Applied Secretarial Practice coverApplied Secretarial Practice

Typewriters?  Dictation?  “The Scrubbed and Shining Look”?  I can see certain university libraries hanging on to a copy of this for historical purposes.  Gregg is, after all, the guru of all things secretarial.  I can see in WorldCat that several public libraries also own this book.  Why on earth would your basic, community library need this book?  I guess it does have some pretty groovy pictures, so there is that…

(Sorry the table of contents is hard to read – this is the best I could do with the image submitted.)


Applied secretarial practice


    1. Me too. Isn’t 60s stuff always making a come back anyway? I’d like to have the pink dress but with longer sleeves and in purple.

      Of course the job information itself is way out of date.

  1. As a former secretary, ’96 to ’03, I really would love to read this book! Sections 4 and 6 look very interesting.

  2. PS: I had to occasionally use a typewriter from the ’60s at my last job and see where the typewriter section may prove useful for any repair tips it gives.

  3. Why does “Focus on Business Letters” appear in the “Your Appearance” section and “Focus on Small Business” appear in the “Writing Business Letters” section?

    I realize none of the Foci really fit in with their sections, but this one could have!!

  4. Dang! I never could get my hair to flip up on the ends like that. If they covered that in the book, I would keep it.