Hoarding is not collection development
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Diabetes and Pregnancy


Diabetes and Pregnancy
A Guide for the Prospective Mother with Diabetes
Graber, Christman,Rawlings and Boehm

Isn’t this an attractive looking book? I think the excessive tape and dirt also add to the ambiance of this book. The big question is why is it still in a public library health collection? I hate to go off on a rant, but this just kills me.  Hopefully, this was a book that fell through the cracks and isn’t indicative of the health collection. Seriously, this is NOT better than nothing.

I would also like to suggest that department heads and directors seriously look at data regarding the age. Median age and average are good tools for evaluating collections. If your people aren’t getting this done, especially in time sensitive collections like medical and legal information, please get with your staff and reprioritize collection maintenance tasks. Don’t let this book happen to you!


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