Desserts from the Fridge

Refrigerator Desserts cover


250 Luscious Refrigerator Desserts
Berolzheimer, ed.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, here is your source for all sorts of treats that use your fridge/freezer. Of course there are recipes for ice cream, Baked Alaskas, cookies, pies and puddings. Unfortunately, the black and white photography doesn’t really help with appeal factors. The cover shot is ice cream, in case you didn’t recognize the food. (I had to look several times to be sure). However, if you like your food with a creepy face, check out the second picture after the text.


Refrigerator Desserts introduction

cake with a face

making cake in an old oven

Molded Bavarian Cream



  1. p5: shoutout for honey ice cream – I mix crumbled up graham crackers and put that in the machine too and it’s awesome

  2. Does anyone else think the ice cream on the cover looks like canned dog food?

    I have to wonder whether the color printing technology of the time was really this bad or whether the cover has faded over time.

    1. Probably a combination of things –
      color printing technology changes, cover fading, and most importantly, there were no artificial colors added to the ice cream (it probably was not as brightly colored as things tend to be now).

  3. In the twenties, ownership of a true electric fridge was a sign of financial success, and a lot of gourmet cook books for “refrigerator recipes” targeted the upper middle class housewife. By the 1950s, these were filtering down to a mass audience, so you get cheaper publications with the same recipes.

    1. It appears to be a drawer from an OLD refrigerator, which I am to believe often had such “mold dish” drawers designed just for such things as “refrigerator desserts”……..

      1. My friend’s mother’s refrigerator came with individual metal dessert dishes that looked like little footed bathtubs.

  4. Ah, the good old days when people made their ice cream by hand and used all-natural ingredients instead of some — wait, mincemeat and prune ice cream?? Ewwwww!

  5. Well, for all you haters, I happen to have this book and think there are some pretty good recipes here! If you actually read it you can see a good recipe beyond old photos!


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