Desktop Publishing from the Dark Ages

Writing and Publishing with your PCWriting and Publishing with Your PC: The Ultimate Reference for Personal Computer-Based Writing, Illustrating, Desktop Publishing, Publisher Relations, and Book Marketing and Distribution

Submitter:¬†Writing and publishing with your computer is a topic that many people are interested in, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that products and software have changed a bit since 1998. Some of the people who might be checking the book out to jump start a self-publishing career were probably not even born when this book was written. The many options available to self-publishers today were still only a gleam on the horizon twenty years ago. Our patrons deserve better.

Holly: Good grief – this book shows Microsoft Publisher ’97! I’m not even sure what version of Adobe Photoshop they’re using. Moses there on the cover is scratching his head in befuddlement too. Useless.

Adobe Photoshop

Publisher 97



  1. I remember seeing a book on Desktop Publishing that made a point of stretching and squashing headline type to fit. The words “funhouse mirror” came irresistibly to mind…

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