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Interior Designer - coverI can be an interior designer

Today’s submitter found this at a large public library where he volunteers to help people long out of work. As a librarian himself, he is horrified at the materials available in the career section there. I can see why!

People interested in interior design are likely attracted to very visual things. This book alone is enough to turn them off from an otherwise promising career!

From the hair to the clothes to the rooms featured, this one can be sent back to the 80’s where it belongs.

This reminds me of the woman that did the interior design of a new library where Mary and I used to work. She wanted to feature our library in her portfolio, so she came to take pictures shortly after the library was open for business. She was absolutely horrified that the library was being used and that work was being done in her beautiful spaces. The sorting carts were ugly, the book drop was unseemly…pretty much all of our every day work had to be moved out of the camera eye so as not to sully the [somewhat impractical] design. It was quite beautiful, though. I’ll give her that.



Interior Designer - background needed

Interior Designer - Decorated room examples

Interior Designer - drawing board



  1. Unemployment is a serious issue for us, Librarians. When I worked as a public librarian, we were often tasked with helping people find jobs or second careers. Out of date books like this do a major disservice to our patrons. Career sections need to be weeded regularly!

  2. I’d be less concerned about the age of the book than that this library apparently thinks kids’ books are an appropriate choice for the adult career section.

  3. I would never have opened a book with that wallpaper on the cover — I would have figured it had nothing to teach me that I wanted to know. And, Cassie, I too was surprised to see that it was a children’s book!

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