Dating for the Mature

The Re-Mating Game coverThe Re-Mating Game
Dating and Relating in Middle Life
An Optimistic Guide for Newly Single Mature Adults

The author discusses the various “new” ways to get out there and reconnect after a significant relationship.  Singles bars, Love Boat style cruises, and dating services are all examined. For the late 80s, I would have probably bought this for just about any public library collection, but nowadays, this book is downright quaint in both language and cultural references.  Love Boat style cruising (is that even still on TV in re-runs?), singles bars, writing a classified ad, and meeting people through groups like Parents without Partners are all examined. My personal favorite is suggesting that one attend a “rap” session. I thought that term was retired by 1978. I also appreciate that the definition of mature is 30-40s.  I guess at 51, someone like me has one foot in the grave…


The Re-mating Game back cover

The Re-Mating Game excerpt

The Re-Mating Game excerpt



  1. I want this book! It’s the perfect Christmas present for my ex-husband! (Not to poke fun of him and be evil at him! Honestly! He is a wonderful man, and I wish him all the best, and we are still great friends, even babysitting each others cats when needed) We share the same sense of humour, and I just know he will find this book as hilarious as I do.

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