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Dating for Divorcees


The Divorced Woman’s Guide to Meeting  New Men
Where To Go and What To Do To Find Your Man

A couple of friends I know are going through divorces. I can’t wait to share this cutting edge advice on dating. I also haven’t quite figured out why this stuff only applies to divorced women.  Maybe I just don’t understand lonely women. I am glad the author is so in tune with today’s women.

I think all of you women out there should really try and use some of these “ice breakers” next time you are at the store or a cocktail party. My personal favorite:  “Have you tried this floor wax”?


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16 Responses to Dating for Divorcees

  • Is it just me, or is trying to pick up a man by telling him he reminds you of your brother kind of creepy?

  • So, if he’s waiting for his wife he can’t have a casual conversation about hors d’oeuvre?

  • I think ’84 was about a decade too late for “What do you think of the oil crisis?” to work as an icebreaker.

  • Asking where the TWA counter is would be a great way to show that you haven’t been out of the house in 20 years…

  • Anne’s comment is very true. The guy would probably burst into laughter…

  • I’m bemused by these icebreakers; they sound like they’re designed for someone who has never had a conversation with another human being in her life! These are divorcees. They’ve already been married once. They must have successfully started a conversation at some point.

  • I thought the author’s comment about seeking out shy men was very telling. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusion, but my immediate thought was that the author himself is a shy man.
    I also want to know more about the couple who shared a salad and “date” whenever they’re in the airport together.

  • ‘Where did you get that tan?’ is good, but stuffed owl collection is bad? How confusing.

  • I’ve read the “hit on the shy guy” advice many times–they’re not shallow showboats, they’ll be appreciative, there’s less competition–so I don’t think it’s just the author. Though admittedly his personal history is supposedly that he really was shy and awkward before writing the How to Pick Up Girls book (the TV-movie version with Bess Armstrong and Desi Arnez Jr. is quite cute, by the way).

  • @Krista: My thoughts exactly.

    And if you ask a guy where the mayo or the ticket counter is, won’t he then expect you to go off in search of that very thing, rather than hovering around him?

    But at least these lines sound like actual human conversation, unlike many of the lines in this classic:

  • “You remind me of my brother” is creepy! Why would I want to date someone like my brother? Or, do I have creepy feeling towards my brother?

    Although, I do actually know a woman who never married, because she couldn’t find anyone that lived up to her brother! I always thought that was a bit strange.

    While the “oil crisis” as we knew it then is long over, why does the author assume that would we wouldn’t care to discuss it? Current events are always a good opener. After all, it’s a good way to know if someone thinks like you or not.

    “Here, try one of these canapes,” made me picture her popping one into his mouth!

  • “My puppy won’t eat dog food. What brand does your dog like?”

    “Oh, mine won’t either. This Alpo is for me. He only eats real meat. Hey, is that a slightly-too-brown steak over there? Maybe they’ll give it to me at a discount.”

  • Whilst we’re all chuckling at some of the dated references (oil crisis etc), the idea of striking up a conversation with someone about something innocuous or interesting is actually quite a good one. It’s much better than using a ridiculous pick up line.
    I agree that trying to pick someone up by telling someone they remind you of your brother is gross, though!

  • Book definitely needs to be weeded, just because TWA has been out of business since 2001 when it merged with American Airlines.

  • “Hey, you remind me of my brother. I’ve always had kind of a thing for him. You wanna go out? Maybe if my brother can join us later, we could all- Wait! Come back!”

  • As a man, I can say with 100% confidence that every single one of those pick-up lines would work on me…if you are hot.