Dating a Serial Killer?

dating the write way

Dating the Write Way: Handwriting Analysis for Teens.

Submitter: Found this one in our used book sale. I think it’s been through many years of annual book sales before finally being tossed. Wouldn’t it simplify things if you could just have a guy write a few lines to find out if he’s dating material?

Holly: That’s actually a great idea, except that I’m sure my own husband would turn out to be a serial killer.  (Sorry dude, but your handwriting is awful!)  I would be interested to know what the handwriting analysis community thinks of this book.  It almost seems too gimmicky, whether you believe in that kind of thing or not.

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  1. I’ve always tested the guys I’ve dated using phrenology. I’ve always just told them I like to give scalp massages.

  2. At my lib, we did one of those story writing activities where each person writes a few sentences, then passes it on. The home-schooled teen wrote in cursive and the public school kids couldn’t read it.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t graphology essentially pseudoscience? “Large and ornate” may just want to impress her by writing more than just common capitals.

    Also, the opposite of milk toast (meek) is spaghetti?!

  4. I’ve done a couple of classes in hand-writing analysis, but it was a totally different system. By the system I learned, most of those people are hiding a lot of secrets & have problems with their mothers…

    but who doesn’t, really?!

    I would love that book.

  5. Shy, frightened, eh? That or I just want to use as little space as possible when I use cursive. You can barely read my tiny little scribbles.

  6. Are “milk toast” and “spaghetti” code words for something?

    Also, get that jacket flap. “He is attentive, fun to be with,” but apparently you should ignore the evidence you have from your real live relationship with him, and judge him based on his handwriting. Ugh.

  7. I’m horribly afraid that I rejected a perfectly wonderful man because he wrote over a crack in the table!

  8. Lurker: You are correct; it’s pseudoscience. The only kind of handwriting analysis that is recognized by scientific and legal systems is the examination samples of writing to determine if they were written by the same person or not, period. The idea that handwriting reveals personality or “true nature” is hokum.

  9. @J: “Milk toast” used to mean meek or mild mannered, cf. Caspar Milquetoast. My point was that spaghetti is evidently used to be assertive and/or agressive. Italian stereotype?

  10. At one time, good penmanship indicated that you attended Catholic school as a a child and had the laziness beaten out of you with a ruler. Do public schools even teach cursive anymore?

  11. At one time, good penmanship indicated that you had attended Catholic school as a child, and had the laziness beaten out of you with a ruler. Do public schools even bother with teaching cursive anymore? Maybe they should just skip keyboarding and go straight to two-thumb texting.

  12. Handwriting is taught half-heartedly in the schools where I work. The kids plaintively ask “Do we have to write cursive?” Some of them can’t read it by 6th grade.

  13. @moklspa: We all did that in grade school too. I can still read it, assuming it’s not written illegibly (I admit that’s a very fluid definition).

  14. I remember watching a handwriting analysis “expert” on, I believe, Good Morning America back in the day. (I was getting ready for school so it was definitely back in the day!)
    The only thing I remember is if a man or woman puts two dots on their lower case i then it meant they were having an affair. Nevermind late night phone calls and inexplicable credit card charges – if you see two dots on that i you don’t have a leaky pen, you’re just unfaithful. I wonder if that one’s in this book.

  15. Like getting my palm or tarot cards read, I’ve always been curious about having my handwriting analyzed. Not because I believe in it but because it’s always fun to see what everyone gets wrong! (For instance, I’m a Virgo. According to that I’m suppose to be a beach loving, non-fiction reading, excercising health nut. I HATE the beach, I prefer fiction but do read some non-fiction – but only religion and true crime books plus kooky history books like Royal Scandels – and I’m 246 pounds.)

    My handwriting has always been terrible. Worse since I got a computer. But I honestly don’t care. I don’t write notes or anything and prefer to print whenever I can.

  16. Terrible handwriting is one of the symptoms of Asperger’s. My handwriting (well, printing, actually…I’m not comfortable with cursive) looks like the scrawl of a psychotic six-year-old.