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Dance the Night Away

Dancing Disco

Submitter: Here is a dance instruction book that has more to do with Disco culture than dancing.  We are a religious university and I wasn’t sure what this was doing in the collection with lots of mentioning of sex and drugs.  I have a hard time thinking the Sisters read it.  Additionally, I’m not sure that Studio 54 is really “academic”.  But hey whatever, it has a library of congress subject heading haha.  I left some captions from the book – since they are truly priceless.

Holly: Yes, they are!  Our readers always love anything disco-related, so I’m sure this one will be a hit.  Interesting choice for a religious university library, though.  Whoever purchased this probably went to go to confession over it once they saw the pictures.

36 Responses to Dance the Night Away

  • Die, ’70s, die! Oh why can’t you die, ’70s? Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, because tonight we dine in the ’70s!

    • Because the 70s rule and the 2000s drool!

      The music was better. The clothing was better. The men actually wore their pants at their waist rather then around their lower buttcheeks!


      • Got to agree with you about the trousers. Oh, for the days when straight men wore tight leather trousers **drool**

      • Yep. I find that the more I’m exposed to guys with saggy, baggy pants and their dirty boxer shorts, the sexier men from the 70s look. Even though I’m not big on facial hair, show me a picture of The Bee Gees or Lamont from Sanford & Son and I start to drool with lust.

        The colors and patterns might be considered ugly but dang, a disco man from the 70s looks much better dressed and groomed then a man from today. Like they actually take time to shower every single day. And a man with good grooming and hygiene is REALLY sexy.

        Plus, I still think the music is way better then today’s music. The crap that Lady Gaga and Fergie puts out could never hold a candle to awesome songs like I Will Survive or Copacabana.

      • Most guys don’t dress like that anymore – take a look in a magazine like GQ. It’s all about the preppy hipster these days.

        Ugh, how can anyone find polyester bellbottoms sexy??

      • “The men actually wore their pants at their waist rather then around their lower buttcheeks!”

        Ummm… this isn’t the early 2000’s anymore, y’know.

  • I wish I looked as good as that girl in the skates! LOL!!! 🙂

  • Man, what an ugly decade.

  • The blue suit isn’t so bad.

  • As a former “Disco Dolly,” I can relate. For those too young to remember, it’s worth keeping in mind that for years prior to the Disco explosion, everyone (and I mean everyone) wore the de rigeur tee shirt and jeans; then suddenly it was 1977 and people started showing up in brightly-colored polyester. Yes, the fabric was crappy and we laugh at the fashions today, but those fashions represented a sunburst of color and style compared to what had come before.

    Not that I’m touchy about the disco days being denigrated or anything like that….

  • Just found your site and loving it. If ever a site deserved a bookmark it is yours

  • It seems the “total disco experience” includes a lot of upper thigh and behind.
    I can’t even begin to express my feelings about the chest hair thing. Gah!

  • The pic of ‘Disco Deejays’ is a hoot! Captain Disco is here to save the day! And that pic of some woman’s behind… can you tell the gender of the cameraperson?

  • The DJ looks like a pro wrestler got in a fight with a linebacker in Liberace’s dressing room.

  • Please tell me the woman in the last photo is at least wearing a thong under that “dress” … gah

  • Looks like that gal’s (er, um) “tush” is on fire! (I went to a Catholic college!)

  • ROFL.

    And hey, disco is coming back any day now.

    I can’t think of anything funny to say about the book being at a religious school but the hilarious irony is noted. Maybe it’s a manual for the horrors of the outside world.

  • I bought this book at Goodwill years ago and love it. I remember when the disco dollies called me “punk rock faggot”. Another witty favorite was “hey Devo.” At least I had better fashion sense. Spandex & chest hair, yeesh!

    • My friends got called that too,and people screamed “Devo” at them too…a lot . I think it was pretty funny coming from these people who wore plastic thick stacked shoes and sweaty polyester…
      And they also had permy poodle hair!

  • If you had to live through the disco era like I did, this wouldn’t seem so funny! Let me tell you, those were dark times. I tried and I tried to talk sense to people, but it was all John Denver, Barry Manilow, Disco and Jonathon Livingston Seagull. The cruelest part was this era followed the sixties. It was like the planet was hit with some horrible ray and mutated beyond recognition. It was even more foolish than the pictures indicate.

    • Excuse me, but Barry Manilow is AWESOME. Not to mention he’s super nice. Talks a bit too much. I actually had to interrupt him to get a word in. However he’s incredibly talented. Way more so then those that pass for “musicians” today. He can still out sing, out play, and out compose any of those untalented trash.

      The 70s were the last good decade American music ever had.

    • I was lucky that I was just a child, but I have to agree the 70s were the ugliest decade, and I’ll take 80s music over 70s ANYDAY.

  • My kingdom for a copy of the “Emmy-Award winning television series” touted on the cover.

    Great site. Keep the awful coming…

  • The words “disco” and “culture” should never be employed in the same sentence, as these pictures amply demonstrate…

  • I feeli like I should have been alive during this time (the 60’s- 70’s) . The fashion was amazing., especially in these pictures of the nightclub scene.

  • When I was in Community College in the 90s, we had this book. The only person who had ever checked it out(we still had sign cards)in the back pocket was one of the english teachers who was working on her doctorate.

    She was not exactly a disco diva type, think more like a grandma.

    I never took a class with her.

  • I noticed one thing for sure the outfits might be hideous, but at least the women look healthy and not waifish like the late 80’s through now.

  • We still have a few disco book in our collection. They get really popular around Halloween…

  • …perhaps it was ordered by a disgruntled member of the acquisitions staff. ‘workplace violence’ need not have only one definition!

  • So did people drink while they were dancing in roller skates? Because drunk people on roller skates would make a good youtube video. Maybe also a good band name?

  • Randy Deats… That’s a euphemism for something, isn’t it?

    And no, she is not wearing a thong, they didn’t have thongs in those days.

  • Do people even know why they hate disco? I’ll tell you, homophobia, racism & fear of hedonistic individualism.