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Curing Breast Cancer

Early Detection coverEarly Detection
Breast Cancer is Curable

A breast cancer book from 1974? You have got to be kidding me! Maybe the holding library liked the groovy cover. I don’t need to say that this book in a health section of a modern public library is ridiculous.  Not to mention, the pages were stained and falling out. The tape on the cover has a nice yellow tone as well.

Rule of thumb: Health materials are suspect after 5 or so years.  Perhaps when Marvella Bayh died a mere 5 years later from breast cancer should have been another sign to look closely at the medical collection. Breast cancer was finally getting noticed in the 70s as a significant health issue thanks to women like Marvella, as well as Betty Ford. Good choice in 1974, bad one for 2015.



Early Detection back cover

Early Detection

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