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Cruzin’ with the Tooz

Cruzin with the Tooz coverCrusin’ with the Tooz

Thanks to one of ALB’s twitter people, this title was suggested as a candidate. I really didn’t know who John Matuszak was, but  I just wanted a closer look at the bad boy pirate on the cover.  According to the Wikipedia article, Matuszak was  a football player (mostly with the Oakland Raiders) and an all around partying bad boy. He also started acting in a few semi-memorable 80s movies (Goonies) and TV. Shortly after this was published, Matuszak died of a drug overdose.

I suppose this has a place somewhere in some library, but I doubt it needs to be in mine. I would weed it in a heartbeat. Raiders fans might think differently. Any Matuszak fans want to weigh in?

I think I will check the catalog for Goonies and re-live the 80s.



Cruisin with the Tooz back cover

Cruisin with the Tooz front flap

Cruisin with the Tooz back flap

Tooz and his sisters

Pics of the Tooz's family

5 Responses to Cruzin’ with the Tooz

  • That book looks hilarious, though now I feel bad for thinking that since he died!

  • Yeah, nothing like putting your “lady” and her cousin in Playboy bunny outfits on the same page as pictures of children. I do genuinely appreciate how hard he’s trying not to laugh in that cover photo, though.

    • I’m guessing that there are only a few pages in the book for photographs. And it was Christmas! (Which I’ve been doing wrong all these years, it turns out. If only I’d read this book.)

  • The only thing I remember about John Matuszak was the nude photo of him with a teddy bear in Playgirl magazine.

  • Sad to think he died so soon after the book came out – he looks quite a character. I bet no-one’s taken the book out since 1987, though.