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Crisis Time!

Crisis Time coverCrisis Time!: Love, Marriage, and the Male at Mid-Life

Submitter: My local library has two circulating copies, and one at storage of this relic from the 1980’s. I scanned a few good pages to help give some insight into the mindset of an 80’s man.

Holly: Two circulating copies AND one in storage? Whyyyyy?

Crisis Time Contents

The New Woman

The Man in Crisis and His Family

The Man in Crisis Outside His Family

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10 Responses to Crisis Time!

  • I love how entire books can be written about myths, clichés and shibboleths….

  • But men never change. Just saying -sounds like guys in mid-life crisis still . When “Millennials” approach mid-life crisis, it might be a bit different…

  • The real Crisis here is that some library has three copies!

  • As an early-type specimen of a Millennial who’s facing the inexorable onset of thirty and all its accompanying baggage, I reckon this one’s going to stay relevant for a long time to come.

    Technology may change, but people are still people.

    • I’m about your age. I agree that most of this advice seems good–it would just be nice to have a version with more up -to-date language and some citations to prove that the author’s info is based on real as opposed to personal experience and/or common sense.

  • Didn’t this author also write some books about his experiences in medicine? I am pretty sure I have read one. I hope this book is not an example of someone knowledgeable in one area assuming (wrongly) that he is automatically knowledgeable in others. But then, I am not likely to need the book so I guess it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Prescription: red Mazda Miata or Porsche Boxster and call me in the morning.

  • Lovely advice about having an affair. He appears to be taking a cost/benefit approach to relationships.