Creepy or Clever?

Ventriloquists coverYou  Can Be a Ventriloquist

We have actually seen this book before on ALB, but since that link bit the dust in one of our remodels. It’s worth another post, now that we have more pictures.  Also, there’s a second ventriloquism book included below, so stay with me here.

For me, ventriloquists fall in the same category of clowns.  People either think it’s clever or are totally creeped out by them. I’ll go with “a clever way to creep people out.”  These two books are just old.  Libraries should update with some new books!

(Below) Also, ahem!, I know that Mary and I are immature, but we can’t be the only ones who see pictures like this and giggle. Or are we?

Ventriloquists back cover

(Below) This is potentially offensive, depending on the guy in the bottom picture’s act.

Stanley Burns and Dr. Lichi

(Below) Here it is, in the top picture below. A whole family of creepy.

Jerry Layne

Hand Shaking mechanism

And now, behold! Book #2:

Ventriloquism Magic with Your Voice

Ventriloquism: Magic With Your Voice

This post is a two-fer.  You’re welcome.  I don’t know what’s creepier here, the ventriloquist or his puppets.

Ventriloquism back cover

Dealing with Drunks

(Above) Here, budding ventriloquists learn how to deal with drunks in the audience.  Good advice!  The poem is pretty dumb, though.

Dennis Alwood and McElroy

(Above) Those eyes!

Sweet dreams!





  1. In general ventriloquists creep me out, but how can you not love Lambchop, Hushpuppy and Charlie Horse?

    1. Lambchop was a favorite with me but its the weird looking dolls that kind of creep me out.

  2. I always loved Shari Lewis and Lambchop because they were so easy to make fun of. Even as children, my brother and I would roar with laughter as we always, always, always saw Lewis’s mouth move. “Why doesn’t she just talk normally in Lambchop’s voice?” we would ask our mother.

  3. I always thought the older ventriloquist dummies to be quite terrifying. So far I have no trouble with Jeff Dunham’s dummies because they aren’t your typical dummies. I guess that goes to say that I accept Lambchop too 🙂

  4. I <3 Lambchop!

    The puppets are less likely to be creepy when they're animals. The ones trying to look human just tend to look really wrong.

  5. I love Chuck and Bob on the TV show SOAP- they are probably the only ventriloquists I’m familiar with.

  6. It’s the “uncanny valley” effect that people talk about with CGI animation: when something is trying “too hard” to look “human,” it creeps people out.

    I find the ventriloquists with “people” dummies creepy, but I never even thought of Lambchop (which I found cute) as being in the same category, but yeah, I guess Shari Lewis WAS a ventriloquist. It’s just a lot less creepy when it’s cute animals as opposed to slightly-sinister humanoids. (I think it’s the slightly buggy eyes on a lot of the dummies that get to me)

  7. The gentleman who is a “real” Kentucky colonel just means he had friends in politics. My brother is a real Kentucky colonel, too. And I’m not sure how or why…

  8. Gee, I don’t think Lambchop is in the same category as ventriloquist dummies at all — he (?) is a hand puppet. Seeing Lambchop made me think of dear Kukla, Fran and Ollie — were they puppets or dummies (well, except for Fran, the human)? Anyway, I agree that everything else shown from these two books is creepy, creepy, creepy — except possibly that shot of the young Anthony Hopkins (who actually became creepy later on). But his companion is definitely creepy. And their caption is missing an end parenthesis. AND the crummy poem misquotes/plagiarizes an original by William Hughes Mearns, which I won’t paste in, because line breaks don’t get transferred, but you can Google it: “Yesterday upon the stair….”

  9. fillyjonk hit the nail of the head. Trying to be people=creepy. It’s that almost-human-but-not-quite quality that causes plastic surgery face to look so odd.

  10. Here’s another vote for Jay Johnson (who played Chuck and Bob) on SOAP. Also for Christopher Guest, and his amateur ventriloquist act at the end of BEST IN SHOW.

    But I still can’t get over how the dummy on the first book cover seems to be glowing radioactively.

  11. Some of those one-liners would do well in a stripclub. A toast to Shari–as a little kid, I figured Lambchop had her own soul, wit and charm.

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