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Bland Diet Cookbook coverThe Bland Diet Cookbook

Back in the olden days before they discovered what the real story of ulcers was all about, bland diets were the go to treatment for just about anything that qualified as “stomach trouble”. I remember that spicy food was usually considered the culprit in many stomach ailments back in the day and a bland diet was the cure.

I am sure browsing the recipes in this book will just entice you to cook cream of “something” soup. Dairy sensitive people need not apply.


From the introduction

cream soup recipes

For the peptic ulcer

Lima bean loaf


  1. Can’t decide what to make for dinner tonight! Baked Jelly Omelet and the Lima Bean Loaf both sound so tasty. Maybe I’ll have to make both

  2. They use the word bland like it’s a good thing O_o I think in my time of browsing Pinterest I’ve noticed more than a few recipes that go easy on the spice without ditching the flavor, or resorting to only cream of this or cream of that.

  3. It was once a common belief that milk and cream were good for an ulcer because they coat the stomach, but I think doctors now tell their patients to throw that theory up – I mean out- the window. ^_^

    1. Yes, I was going to mention that if no one else did. I think there is actually a gastric acid rebound effect from milk products. Or something like that…Also, I guess I had heard of the Sippy Diet but conflated it with Sippy Cups and assumed you would just drink your nutrition in small swallows LOL.

  4. I defy anyone to explain the use of “exciting” circus-poster design on the cover of a book about literally “bland” stuff.

  5. I have my grandmother’s Edmond’s Cookbook ( ) from 1962. It’s got an entire chapter on “Invalids”, which is full of this stuff. It’s also got helpful advice on serving food to invalids, such as “set the tray daintily” and “use the most attractive china and linen”. It’s a bit grim when you consider that generation would have been looking after people with dreadful health problems such cancer victims with no hope of survival, or polio survivors.

    1. Ah, to long for the days when we treated the ill or those with special needs like they were such fragile flowers! Except not. My best friend suffers from a myriad of chronic illnesses and special needs and if she had been around in 1962, she probably would’ve reduced that book to shreds. lol

      1. Yes, it all looked finely calculated to do them in as quickly as possible, as the recipies are all horribly unnutritious.

  6. Bertram Welton Sippy? Sounds like a Saki character. I don’t think I could take seriously anything called the “Sippy Diet.”

  7. Minor factual correction. Bland diets are still recommended to people suffering from ‘stomach trouble’, but only so as not to aggravate the symptoms while the meds do their work.

    However, if someone had presented me with this book while I was on anti-inflammatories for gastritis (and forbidden alcohol, spicy food and caffeine, which was not doing anything good for my temper) then I probably would have attempted to insert it in them.

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