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Crazy Love coverCrazy Love (Couples Series)

Today we have some teen love from the 1980s. (Note the super cool outfits on the cover).  The drama is not just on the set! Kim and Woody have so much potential!  Will these crazy kids make it work? Will the play go on as scheduled?  Stay tuned!


out of control

Couples Crazy Love exerpt


  1. Why can’t he be “funny, talented…handsome,” AND romantic? What teenage girl wouldn’t want to get love notes? Although, my daughter once had a high school boyfriend who gave her poetry. Sounds romantic until that is all she ever got… birthday, Valentines, Christmas… Then it just looked cheap!

  2. Well in fairness I’ve had several female friends who were not at all into mushy stuff, but still Lisa, I rather agree with you.
    Happily my wife rather enjoys my mushy side.

  3. By now, Kim has probably learned a thing or two about boys who belong to the Drama Club in high school.

  4. Is it sad that my mind immediately went to ‘Twilight’ when I read the excerpt? Bella and Edward in the woods of Washington? Minus the warm lips of course. Bella was essentially kissing a marble statue. 😛 Also, “the consequences”? Are they about to have sex then and there? xD

  5. So…the play’s apparently gone from the “quick wit and sly grin” of Romeo and Juliet to the “lovesick and sentimental” Beauty and the Beast. …How obvious is it at this point that the blurb writer never actually saw or read Romeo and Juliet?

  6. I like that on the cover, they seem to be splitting some sort of snow suit or fly fishing outfit; he’s got the pants and she’s got the vest. Teen romance at it’s non-mushy finest, I guess!

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