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Calorie Counter coverThe Brand-Name Calorie Counter

Submitter: Embarrassed to say this is within our library system, although it is part of one of the school libraries and not owned by us. Cover very dated. Don’t know if they even make some of these items anymore. Have sent it to the school librarian to be considered for weeding.

Holly: And not a minute too soon, submitter. Even if they do make these products, there’s a good chance they make them differently these days. Get a new one!


Cheese spreads and cheese food


  1. Kind of pointless even if all the information was relevant and accurate. It doesn’t look like it tells you anything that isn’t on the packaging these days.

    1. Yes, it pretty much was. Someday I must ask my mother what grocery stores were like when I was a child and she was buying things like this. Was there so little choice? Or was it so much cheaper than real food? Or did the adults in the family actually LIKE it? I have to say, though, that spray cheese was fun to use.

  2. I know this says “Calorie Counter,” but I’d expect an up-to-date nutrition book to have information on fiber, protein, fat, and dietary sugar content of foods, too. Just a calorie count doesn’t give you a lot to go on.

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