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Cloning and the New Genetics coverCloning and the New Genetics

Submitter: How out of date can you get… this is before Dolly, let alone all the advancements.

Holly: At first I thought this was a children’s book. I’m not sure why, other than the colors and font just look kind of juvenile. Adults interested in cloning and genetics will be interested in up-to-the-minute advancements in topics like hereditary diseases, stem cells, and reproductive science. Not gonna find it here!



6 Responses to Copy That

  • …which begs the question: Is there a “Cloning For Dummies” yet?

  • Why, yes, there is–sorta. It’s Genetics for Dummies. It looks like the subject cloning has been nearly replaced up by genetics. The complete idiot’s guide is for cloning, though.

    I was interested to not that Big Library has more fiction than nonfiction with either cloning or genetics in the catalog record.

  • Boo!
    My Local library has three copies of this!!

  • Is anyone else amused that a book on science (especially veering into the mad-seeming science of cloning) would be authored by Mr. (and Mrs.) Hyde?

  • The Hydes wrote YA books, which I believe this is. It actually looks familiar and it’s from the years I was a YA specialist, so I’m sure it was in our YA collection. It should’ve been weeded by 1990 at the latest. Science books older than 5 years are usually well out-of-date.