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Lots of Lice - cover

Lots of Lice

Submitter: This book is awful because it paints lice and sharing in a good light. You keep expecting the author to write that this may be how lice think, but that lice really is bad, have a lesson for kids, etc. But it never does!

Holly: It is kind of a cute story, but it would be nice if there was a more obvious lesson to it.

Lots of Lice

Lots of Lice

Lots of Lice

Lots of Lice

Lots of Lice

6 Responses to Cooties!

  • Ack! My granddaughter has had lots of run-ins with lice. The year she had them so frequently, she had her head nearly shaved to make it easier to keep them out. Not dangerous, but uncomfortable. It also drives the school and parents nuts!

  • Hmm, 1998? I think I may have read this one in school, when it was new and I was first learning to read. The helmeted louse with the invasion map looks awfully familiar, and the rhyming story rings a bell. It seems like a cute, funny story, actually.

  • I don’t think any child will be confused about who is talking or what the lesson is. It’s very clear. It’s actually not a bad book for a children’s collection. I’d keep it, unless the condition is too worn.

  • That is superb -all life lessons should be learnt through sarcasm. Two thumbs up.

  • I thought it was cute and entertaining. Do ALL children’s books have to carry a message of some sort?

  • I think the book is cute actually. The text is interesting and the pictures are bright and well-illustrated.