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Cool Rules

Rules to Be Cool: Etiquette and Netiquette

Submitter: I recently became the librarian for a rural high school.  The previous librarian had been here for over 30 years.  I don’t think she ever weeded anything and as a result we have an average copyright of 1965.  I’m looking forward to this daunting task and the gems I will find.  This is one I found the first day and thought it must have been published in the eighties, which right away would make it outdated for current high schoolers.  Shockingly, the copyright is 2001.  The pictures are ridiculous and the advice they give would make teens laugh (those who would take the time to read it).  Enjoy the pictures.

Holly: I was shocked by the 2001 copyright on this too.  How quickly things become out of date!  I envy your upcoming weeding-palooza, though. Send any awful goodies our way!

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  • I was willing to be generous and say this was a book from 1994 with pictures from 1989. But this is from 2001? Wow.

  • I agree with L.B. This looks like a much later printing, with the ‘netiquette’ parts grafted on to a pre-intertubes book.

  • I am curious about the netiquette aspect, this was pre Facebook afterall.

    I was under the impression that the rules about being cool had a lot to do with not following the rules…

  • I am ashamed to say that I just found this book on my shelves! It is pretty lame, and the netiquette part has nothing to say about social networking, which automatically makes it out of date for our students. There is also no mention of cell phones or texting.
    And the pictures! My favorite is the one of two race cars with the caption “Surfing the Internet is something like racing a car — done solo, but very carefully to try to avoid any unexpected danger — to oneself or the other drivers.” What is that supposed to mean??

  • I actually thought this was a book from the mid 90s. Pics look very mid 90s which I am betting they probably are. Wow. 2001? Who thought this was a good idea for any decade let alone this one?

  • I am going to dream about the next library sale when this library is weeded ….. probably some gems I need for my collection … not to mention a few giggles!

  • I was still in high school back in ’01 and there was definitely no one who dressed like that. This has to be something older that had an update slapped on it.

  • «[A]n average copyright [date from] 1965» – for shame ! Start stoking the bonfires : nothing valuable – and surely nothing that would interest an adolescent – can have been published before that date ! And remember, when the school library has been cleansed, there may also be a public library in the rural community that requires the tender attentions of the new «librarian»….


  • Was that haircut EVER cool?
    Also: The 3 E’s: English, Motherf***er – you speak it?

  • God save us from “friends of libraries” like Henri who looks down on librarians who try to keep their collections relevent to their users.

  • Thanks Katherine. I couldn’t understand Henri’s comment. I like a person who makes up his or her own punctuation rules.

  • M. Henri, here’s the thing…in a school library, the NF collection serves students’ research needs in the context of the curriculum and age group. I managed two elementary school libraries when I started. One was a former HS, so many books were totally inaccessible for young readers and researchers. The other was a very tiny school and was finally budgeting for a library program. The ancient encyclopedia included Kennedy’s election to the Presidency! In 1992! Of course we don’t burn books; we pass them on to teachers, students, public libraries. But it isn’t our purpose to act as an archive or museum. Dear Submitter–I’ve purchased “new editions” that just had new covers slapped on them–and paid good money! Dang! Now I use Titlewave to help me determine if it is really updated, or just a reprint.

  • FrankNStein, that haircut was indeed never cool. That woman looks like that–a woman–who is about thirty years old. That is not a teen girl!

  • ARG! I am SO sick & tired of people who whine about weeding the way the uber-bratty Maddy Gosselin whines about everything! (Yes, I just compared you whiners to a reality tv “star” – deal with it!)

    Libraries are NOT like the Weasley’s car nor the TARDIS. They are not bigger inside then outside. They do not have infinate space. Weeding is as nessasary as purging your closet of clothing that you don’t wear because it’s torn, has holes, or hasn’t been in style since 1925. This book needed to be weeded because it’s out of date and not at all useful to anyone. It’s about as useful as a dry rotted zoot suit.

    Weeding, live with it and grow up!

  • The one picture looks like something you see on the wall in a salon. You know, those aspirational posters used for decoration and you know no one ever gets that hair cut.

  • The photos look like they were taken 1988/1989.

  • I’m from the age group this book was intended for in 2001, and everyone at my school would have laughed at it then!