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Cool Careers for Girls
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Anyone hanging out here in our little corner of the Internet, knows that I have a serious issue with outdated career materials. I am all about giving girls some inspiration to consider STEM careers. I doubt that this book will inspire anyone. I like what this book is attempting: delivering some solid advice on the jobs available, necessary training, career paths, etc. That was then and this is now. As a person who has been hanging out in libraries since before this book was published, technology has changed and so have the careers.

I really want to remind everyone that technology and trends influence every aspect of a library collection. Basic tech literacy is probably a requirement for just about every job out there. The world of 1998 is not going to be helpful for any of our young people today.


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  1. This is an excellent idea in everything except publishing: lame clipart even for then, a bizzare low readability fontface I’ve never seen before, at least two proofing errors. This book deserved better.

    1. It annoys me that I can’t estimate how many decades old something from the 1900s is by counting the decade up to 2000. “The 1980s were like two decades ago!” (8 -> 9 -> 0 => two hops, two decades) “WTF 1980 was ~40 years ago!!” “Oof.”

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