Come to the library to cure your agoraphobia!

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Agoraphobia workbook cover


The Agoraphobia Workbook: A Comprehensive Program to End Your Fear of Symptom Attacks
Pollard and Zuercher-White

Submitter: We all wondered how exactly an agoraphobic would find this book on the shelves of our library? And I thought the inside should read “You are cured!” if indeed someone suffering from agoraphobia did check it out.
Are you surprised to learn that it never once circulated and was in pristine condition?

Holly: I am surprised by the pristine condition part. Workbooks get written in within seconds of hitting the shelves. My library has a home delivery service for people who are homebound…maybe there are some potential readers there! Or for people who are trying to understand their agoraphobic friends/family. I have less issue with the subject matter and more issue with its age and the workbook format.




  1. Uhhhh, I actually have the highway one listed on the cover. And I’ve checked out big piles of books like this from the library. So, it’s a thing. 🙂

  2. Aha! Here we have people who are coulrophobic (afraid of clowns) poking fun at people who are agoraphobic. For years I’ve had really bad emetophobia (fear of vomiting), which often made me afraid of going out into public. Not that I never did, but I did have problems with things such as eating in public (my throat always seemed to start working against me and I’d have trouble swallowing anything, even liquids). Being around other people nauseous or throwing up is also my worst nightmare. Having to avoid planes, boats, carnival rides, being around babies and small children, people with stomach flu… it’s awful. Especially when anxiety itself can cause the very thing you’re terrified of. 🙁

  3. Gee, I would think that lumping all of those problems under agoraphobia (fear of the marketplace) would be too general. Don’t they deserve their own names?

  4. “We all wondered how exactly an agoraphobic would find this book on the shelves of our library?”

    Book delivery like my library does, having a good day, a caregiver or friend?

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