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College Knowledge

Handbook College Admissions

I have a high school senior right now and she laughed at this book. Nothing remotely related to her experiences applying for college or anything else for that matter.   (It has helpful information on typing up an application and using a copy machine)  Sorry, this book’s time has come and gone.  Ick! It’s a weeder.


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  • Okay, I can see how a handbook like this could be useful, particularly in a school library or guidance counselor’s office. But a book that’s 30 years old isn’t going to do today’s students any favors!

    I imagine most of the information contained in a book like this can be found online these days, and that’s where most students are likely to go first. Having a much more modern reference volume might still be appropriate depending on community needs, but this particular book only has value as a curiosity and historical reference, if that.

  • For starters, information about applying to college shouldn’t be older than the applicants themselves. Just sayin’.

  • Just get that 1600 on the SAT and you’re home free.

  • LMAO this is CLASSIC ‘needs to be weeded’ and yet probably sits on many library shelves. Ahh, if someone was in charge of shelf-reading, even a part of the collection, every couple years or so…

  • Super nice generic clip art for the cover, though, is it not? The wordless red “award” ribbon there — primo design work.

  • Houston, the book might advise a student to get a 1600 on the SAT, but that’s a poor score for today’s students–the SAT is now out of 2400!