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Coffee, Tea or Me?

Your Future as an Airline Steward/Stewardess

Doesn’t this career look fun?  LOVE the groovy uniforms!  Thanks to submitter for this great career book.  I bet the kids snap this up all the time!

Check out Chapter 7!  Whoops,  I didn’t know ‘pretty’ was a prerequisite!  Guess I can’t do the job.  Do you suppose chapter 4 is about drugs and drinking on the job?  Just curious…

Flyin’ high!




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  • Save and rebind chapter XI. I’d like to fly a magic carpet, this book may hold the key!

  • Well, I understand there is a weight limit still for stewardesses (and that’s what they are, not this PC “flight attendant” crap) – probably stewards as well. And since in our culture thinner = prettier I guess you could say pretty is still a requirement!

  • Two girls for every boy! What do you mean you’re not interested in girls? Oh. Nevermind.

  • and what do you suppose the “butterfly barrier” is?

  • Chapter 4’s my favorite. Do they hand that out before you get the passangers on board?

  • My mom was a stewardess for Eastern Airlines in the early 70s. Oh the stories…I wish I could find this for her!

  • Are they skipping or just jumping in the cover photo? I guess it doesn’t matter, either way, this book is a keeper for making the wild, wonderful world of flight attending look so wild and wonderful! I’m curious to know what the “butterfly barrier” is as well.

  • Where are the chapters on how to calm belligerent drunks or subdue terrorists?

  • I may be the only person to post who actually WAS a “flight attendant.” I started in 1991, worked until 1994 but those with many years under their belts DID have some bizarre and hair raising stories. The weight thing is real – there were women in my training class who ran laps in the halls – 3 x a day – so they could make “weigh in” each morning, and who also weighed each uniform article (skirts weigh less than pants, as it turns out). I felt like I was stepping back in time, on one hand (getting solicited in all number of ways, on the job), but also working in the post-prime – we got drug tested at random, and many co-workers were “slam-clickers” (named for the sound of their door, then lock and you didn’t see them until pick-up in the morning). This book needs a counterpart in today’s post- 9-11 world of travel. Or maybe just a “Cliff Notes” version.

  • In the case of flight attendants and pilots, the weight limit is not about discrimination, it’s about saving money on fuel. The airlines try to find any way possible to lower fuel consumption because that’s their biggest operating expense. I’m wondering what the chapter “Free Time and Free Choice” is about…how to decide which pilot to date?

  • It was my dream to be a stewardess when I was a little girl. I still fantasize about it, but I guess I have to deal with fewer drunks in the library than I would in the sky.

  • I thought the weight thing was so they could easily fit down narrow walkways?

    There’s also a Height thing, and a Makeup thing, and I’ve yet to see an ugly flight attendant, so I really do think that they’re picked deliberately due to looks, but they just aren’t allowed to say that. Or at the very least they have so much makeup on due to regulations that they look pretty.

  • Whether you weed the book or not, that cover needs to be made into a poster.