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Clowning Around

Charles the Clown’s Guide to Children’s Parties

This reminds me of the time a library Mary and I worked for had a clown for a summer reading party.  Mary was given the job of giving the clown her check for payment.  Now, keep in mind the level of absolute fear and loathing that Mary has for clowns.  She was told to suck it up and go pay the clown.  She walked up to the clown and stuck out her hand with the check, not making eye contact.  Just as she was making a hasty retreat, the clown put on her best squeaky clown voice, tilted her head to one side, and said, “Thank you, Miss Mary!”  Mary ran away from that clown faster than I’ve ever seen her move in my life.

The children on the cover of this book are obviously much braver than Miss Mary.  He’s strangling that monkey!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


FYI, I don’t believe my retreat was that quick.  I would also like to say my clown issues do not in anyway influence my choices in collection.  I just think that clowns are scary and freakish and evil incarnate.  That said, please enjoy some previous clown posts.

I sure everyone loves the “clownseling” post. Just sayin’  I would have to divorce my husband if he ever suggested such a thing.

Clowns in the New Year:  Not really ABOUT clowns but there is freakish picture of clowns on skis that really say Happy New Year.


0 Responses to Clowning Around

  • Enjoyed this hilarious post! ^_^

    Yet I’m not sure about the girl on the top left with her mouth open. Must be transfixed by the monkey puppet…I think.

    Have you ever considered (I hope not) a clown librarian as a possibility? My only guess of that being possible is that the clown canceled his appointment at the library, and kids at the library having an obsession with clowns, a librarian has to sacrifice her dignity to dress up like one.

    Let alone Mary dressing up as a clown.

  • I don’t get where all the fear of clowns comes from. I’m not a big fan of them, but fear them? It is because of Stephen King. I mean, it’s not they’re knife-wielding leprechauns, which really ARE scary and evil incarnate.

  • Oops, I mean, “Is it because of Stephen King?”

  • Love the bottom right corner “A celebration of growth!”

  • His eye makeup makes him look tired!

  • Those kids look as though they’re high on gas fumes.

  • Poor monkey. Maybe it will run away as fast as Mary from this clown on the cover.

  • I can’t speak for Mary, but during my childhood a local guy who dressed up like that and entertained children here turned out to be John Wayne Gacy. That put me off clowns for life.

  • OMG he’s actually choking his monkey, that’s just nasty…