Clotheshanger Projects

Clotheshanger ProjectsClotheshanger Projects
James & Shinn

What, you ask, can you make with these glooooorious clothes hangers? According to the book cover, “101 Fun and Useful Things!”  Such as?  That goofy woman’s face-thing in the second picture is calling to me.

Thank you, anonymous submitter, for this simply dazzling volume.


Clotheshanger projects

Clothes hanger projects


  1. I chuckled at those projects until I scrolled down and saw that ping-pong ball holder. That is GENIUS! I just might have to make one.

  2. The only place I have seen wire hangers in a long time is the dry cleaners–and generally the bar across the bottom if made of cardboard not wire. This book reminds me of a lot of craft books from the 1970s–I had one that used pop-tops from soda cans.

    I know I’m dating myself with that reference, so you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got to macrame a pot holder.

    1. I feel your pain! I too remember pop tops. I too have macrame, I even have (gasp) a little face thing like the picture shows that I made in college. It’s a PJ holder and my kids think it’s hysterical.

      1. I’m older than that. I remember soda cans that had to be opened with a church key. I can taste the Franks grape soda just thinking of it, and feel the weight of those heavy cans.

  3. You know, I think we did the Jack-O-Lantern one in elementary school. I know we also did a witch one that involved a wire coat hanger and a pair of our moms’ old nylons.

  4. I wouldn’t weed this! I love wire hangers and am sad that they’re hard to come by. They’re great for making your braids stand out, Pippi Longstocking stlye, on Halloween. And you can make sock blockers out of them if you’re a sock knitter. And you can use one to reach down the toilet if it’s clogged. Oh, and unlock your car door (though not much anymore, I imagine).

  5. LOL Love your blog!

    I wonder if they have included a certain craft idea that my second grade class made in 1979? We tied lots and lots of strips of green and red cellophane to our hanger to make christmas decorations!

  6. The tree on the front of the book is made of clothes hangers,how nice.
    Actually, I made a “craft” with a coat hanger. We used to bend a hanger into a weird shape,like the letter C,then bend back the ends to form a loop. Then we’d stick two rubber bands between the loops. So they’d be strung tightly between the loops. Then we’d add a one inch washer or larger. And wrapped it within the rubber bands, and then you wind it up and sit on it,and then when you lifted your leg, it sounded like a fart!
    Well it works,it sounds like one! So it’s more like 102 useful ideas!

  7. I recently used wire coathangers for a project, actually. I stripped off the plastic coating, unbent them, and then formed them into coils. The coils went into cardboard tubes, which became the arms and legs of a new scarecrow.

    It added a LOT of structural stability to said arms and legs, even if it was a PITA feeding the coils into the tubes. 🙂