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sculpey way cover

The Sculpey Way
with Polymer Clay
Hot Off The Press, Inc.
2002, 2006

I was updating some of my craft materials, and fell upon this lovely item, which went out exactly 3 times since it was purchased. My guess is it was a request purchase for someone and it died on the shelf quite a while ago. I also was surprised that this book wasn’t older. The crafts look a bit dated to me.

I have no doubt that there is skill involved with creating these objects and that there are people that would enjoy this book, but I am not one of them.  All I can think about is that person who likes this kind of stuff making tons of it and displaying it around their house. My next thought is that too many of these little objets d’art means too much dusting.

Personal comment that has nothing to do with this book’s suitability for libraries: hats in the bathtub is just wrong, and let’s just say no to creepy eyes and feathers.


clay figurines in bath

chicken clay sculpture

clown sculpture


    1. There are probably more varied and more appealing project books available, or instructions online. This figurines seem a little bit kichtzy (sp?) now.

      1. So who else watched the whole video there?

        But everyone else is right, this book is dated as all get-out, even for when it was published. (I thought the book was from the 80s or early 90s before I saw the publication date.) But people who make things with polymer clay today want to make things like hyper realistic miniature food or SugarCharmShop’s axoltl tank (or anything else on that YouTube channel; it’s all really cool!), not clunky figurines that look like they came out of an 80s catalog.

        I work st a craft store and people love making stuff, it’s just that the crafting trends today are way different than what’s in the books that show up on this blog. Especially with Pinterest and other websites, the trends change so quickly they’re lucky if they last a year. The thing now is painting rocks to hide around town for people to find. Earlier in the year, all our glue was wiped out every time we got it in stock because kids couldn’t make enough slime with it, but nobody cares about slime now. A couple years ago, everybody was making those bracelets out of those tiny colored rubber bands, but we clearanced all that stuff out like, two or three years ago because everybody stopped buying it. If the rock thing’s anything like the slime, it’ll only have a few more months left before everybody stops caring about it.

        I’m just wondering how the absurd acceleration of the craft trends will affect all of the craft books in libraries. I bet eventually, there could be an entire blog like this about craft books in libraries.

    2. I’m a pretty avid crafter, and a regular library patron, but I have to admit, I’ve never checked a craft book out from the library (at least, not in the past 20 years). because it’s much easier to find tips/ideas/instructions online. And while some things are classic, trendy crafts change so rapidly that by the time a book is on my local library shelves, that trend will have passed.

  1. There’s some cute kawaii stuff you can make now. Miniature food charms are popular. This bigger figurine stuff has not been popular for a while. Tiny sushi necklaces are “in.”

  2. While this book is definitely a bit past its prime, clay art these days is quite amazing! There are so many new techniques that have been invented that are rather mind boggling, I have no idea how some people can be that creative! Theres a gal named Aniko who has clay tutorials on etsy, her site is called Mandarin Duck… her baby dragon creation is just beautiful…it inspired me to try and paint it! (Turned out pretty good btw lol)!!!

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