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Christmas Crafting – Now with extra pink!

victorian crafts cover

Victorian Christmas Crafts

I pulled this book for weeding as it was falling apart and had a bit of an odor problem. I love the idea of traditional Victorian Christmas crafts, but this book wasn’t doing the job. I am not a particular fan of the illustrations. There is too much pink and not enough visual instruction. I like pink as much as the next person, but going through this book was making me a bit crazy. Between the odor and the pink, time for this one to die a natural death.


christmas crackers

7 Responses to Christmas Crafting – Now with extra pink!

  • The cartoon illustrations don’t seem to match the Victorian Era – it’s more like a 70s version of the Victorian Era. The cutesy cover illustration would have turned me off immediately.

  • Looks to me like they were trying to save printing costs and chose red/pink as their one color. The question is, why this color for a Christmas theme?

  • Yeow! It looks like a pink nightmare!

  • Looks like it’s geared for kids. Hands-on activities while learning about the past.

  • … you don’t have Christmas crackers (“trinket tubes”) in the US?!

    • We do, but they are not common. I get mine from Cost Plus World Market. And I’ve never seen them referred to as “trinket tubes”!!

  • Candles on the tree? How many houses burned down at Christmastime in the Victorian era?