Christmas Crafting – Now with extra pink!

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victorian crafts cover

Victorian Christmas Crafts

I pulled this book for weeding as it was falling apart and had a bit of an odor problem. I love the idea of traditional Victorian Christmas crafts, but this book wasn’t doing the job. I am not a particular fan of the illustrations. There is too much pink and not enough visual instruction. I like pink as much as the next person, but going through this book was making me a bit crazy. Between the odor and the pink, time for this one to die a natural death.


christmas crackers


  1. The cartoon illustrations don’t seem to match the Victorian Era – it’s more like a 70s version of the Victorian Era. The cutesy cover illustration would have turned me off immediately.

  2. Looks to me like they were trying to save printing costs and chose red/pink as their one color. The question is, why this color for a Christmas theme?

    1. We do, but they are not common. I get mine from Cost Plus World Market. And I’ve never seen them referred to as “trinket tubes”!!

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