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Childbirth with Hypnosis

Childbirth with Hypnosis

Submitter: Published first in 1958; these scans are from the first few pages before the title page of the 1968 reprint.  The cover for this book has been replaced, and sadly, we found a receipt that showed someone checked it out last year along with books about yoga in pregnancy. It’s information malpractice that this book has hidden out on our shelves for so long.  We’re thinking of keeping it as an example to show patrons/taxpayers who complain about books we remove and recycle rather than reselling. Here are some of the horrifying quotes, though frankly, the whole book is like this, so they are sort of randomly chosen. Until now, I (born in 1971) didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “maternity girdle.”  Also scary is looking up this author in Worldcat; this is among his least offensive ventures.

p. 65: “Assuming that you are a reasonably adjust person–and this does not mean that you are completely unafraid–and that you possess an average intelligence and imagination, your doctor may ask you to consider hypnosis.”

pp. 125-126: “In fact, the very essence of womanhood is a blending of these qualities.” (Which qualities? “self-suffering or masochism” and “narcissism.”)

pp. 161: “Although we sometimes see remarkable personality changes–usually for the better–in women who have just become mothers, you should not *expect* childbirth to make you more secure,  more mature in your outlook, or more pleasant to live with than you were before. Such facets of your personality have been a lifetime in developing.”

pp. 169: “In any event, we are certain that women who do not want children are usually psychosexually immature and generally reject to some degree the feminine role.”

pp. 170-171: re: women who complain of “pelvic pain,” “backache,” or “excessive bleeding” “…merely as alibis for the lack of sexual gratification:”

“The marital union may be characterized by the refusal of the woman to assume any serious obligation of wifehood or motherhood. There is also generally an abnormal interest in card-playing or club and sports activities, with a proportionate neglect of the husband. This type of person will commonly take great interest in traveling alone, purchasing expensive clothes, or perhaps even the aggressive pursuit of a career.”

They also make the point that post-partum depression is just you sulking and permanently scarring your child’s emotional well-being in the process; that Eskimos and “the stoic Oriental” never have morning sickness but our society is neurotic, so it’s seen as common here, though “there may be very real physical causes for nausea in pregnancy” then list, among other things, a tumor. But mainly, it’s just being “literally ‘brainwashed’ by gossip into accepting the notion that ‘morning sickness’ is a necessary beginning to all pregnancy.”

I feel so bad for any woman who bought into this stuff.

Holly: Where childbirth is concerned, I’m guessing a lot of people will try ANYTHING!  However, there are some newer, gentler books on hypno-delivery available.  Please, upgrade!  Here are some pictures from the inside (creepy!):

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  • Incredible book! Never even heard of such a concept, thank goodness!

    Those final photos look like they’re testing their theories on Amy Winehouse. *shudder*

  • Horrifying.

  • “pp. 169: “In any event, we are certain that women who do not want children are usually psychosexually immature and generally reject to some degree the feminine role.””

    What a nice way to say “DYKE”!

  • I wish I had known that my six months of throwing up 10 times a day was just all in my head, could have saved me a lot of trouble.

  • pp. 169: “In any event, we are certain that women who do not want children are usually psychosexually immature and generally reject to some degree the feminine role.”

    Christ. It should be weeded on the basis of this nonsense alone.

  • But this is such a perfect companion book for Hypnosex: Sexual Joy through Self-Hypnosis by the eteemed Drs. Araoz and Bleck!

  • Take it from someone who waited until I was too far along to request drugs and had to “bite the bullet” when my first child was born, hypnotize yourself to say: “Epidural now!”

    As for the book, don’t just weed it, toss it (violently)!

  • This book is a liability to the hypnosis practice in general. It really is a great way to deal with a lot of things, including phobias and weight loss and childbirth. And there are a lot of therapists and doctors legitimately trained in hypnosis. So I personally request that you get a more recent book to replace this one, seeing as the idea still has a lot of interest to people, and it is a legitimate practice.

  • Since my current state of morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness is just me being neurotic and I’ve just been brainwashed by the gossip maybe now I can stop throwing up.

  • In any event, we are certain that women who do not want children are usually psychosexually immature and generally reject to some degree the feminine role.
    Geez, I hope no one tells the authors the truth about clitoral orgasms.

  • @Kelly wow, yeah, you totally wasted 6 months of your life there…

    @Kat you have to self hypnotise? i can’t hypnotise my bf so he thinks it’s great humping a pillow? *sighs* I’ll just have to continue lying back and thinking of England…

    I wish i’d found this in a library, i could have had hours of fun reading it, then passing it round all my friends. especially the ones who had kids. they’d have really enjoyed calling me psychosexually immature and a femininity rejector.

    Maybe you guys are missing a trick. add an extra number to the dewey code like 1009.678 … and then file all the 1000-1999 books in an irony section. i’d go.

  • The fact the man lived after this publication makes me sad. Blech!

  • I can’t believe that a book with such controversial ideas about feminism was published THAT LATE- 1968!

    • *shrugs* It’s still happening. Just because feminism is around doesn’t mean books that can be seen as anti-feminist don’t still get published. Ever hear of The Surrendered Wife?

  • In the action movie based on this book, the baby is born hypnotized too, and he’s the world’s tiniest sleeper agent. It’s called “The Born Hypnosis-y.”

  • Oh, crap, I don’t want kids, I intend to aggressively pursue a career, and I’m driving alone across the country this week. I suck at womanhood!!! I didn’t know you had to be good at it. I thought just being born with the right parts was enough.

  • Wow. Old, offensive, *and* odd all rolled into one book.

  • Kroger a.k.a. Mengele

  • Mengele a.k.a. Kroger? One and the same!

  • Self -“Hypnosis” (if you can forget about all the cartoony and silly connotations to that word) for childbirth is actually really fantastic. It’s just a simple method of taking control of your thoughts & emotions for pain relief. Most people I know in my birth communities (I have recently had a baby) utilized it to some degree (including myself for my natural birth) so I’m all for the topic, but WTF for the rest of it! Horrifying!

  • Lots of dreck, although the passage on page 161 seems true enough…

    • I thought the same thing. Supports my theory that pregnant teenage parents are perpetual teenagers despite their chronological ages. They never get the opportunity to emotionally mature.

      This is an excellent companion volume to “Our Bodies, Ourselves”.

  • Gives hypnotism a bad name.

  • If that is what the feminine role must be, gosh am I glad to be “psychosexually immature”!

  • I never knew that liking to play cards meant you were an abnormal, child-hating woman. Good to know, I guess.

  • This must be the most misogynostic childbirth book ever written!

  • Horrifying. Truly.

    I wonder…did a male or female librarian purchase this for the collection? And I wonder what he or she thought of it in 1968?

  • Well I was neurotic enough to get morning sickness all 3 times . Silly me!

    Still, at least I wasn’t playing cards, buying expensive clothes or agressively persuing a career – that would have been terrible.

  • Thanks Ash, although the title really should have been “Manchurian Candidate: The Prequel.”

  • Don’t complain of excessive post-partum bleeding! A good [redacted] will fix everything. Your husband will gratify himself, and your masochistic, narcissistic heart will be gratified by both the pain and the knowledge that he still finds you desirable. Tip: make sure you have a clean towel on the bed to mop up, in case you exsanguinate during the act. A good housewife is always prepared!

  • Is the writer Kroger a mail or a female? That might explain the writing,if it’s by a man…cause they all know about childbirth,you know…

  • This book is offensive! I sufferd from severe post-partum depression. Had I kn own about this book at that time, I probably would have gone hunting for the author!

  • Hypontize the girl before conception or before the birth? or both?

  • Seeing as the CONCEPTION was via hypnosis, why NOT the birthing, I ask?

  • You know, if you girls go on a talk show about this blog again, please take books like this, not just the funny ones. When I told my boss about this blog, she asked me why anyone would make such a blog. I think books like this still being on library shelves shows exactly why this blog has been made.

  • All right Mrs. Fensworth — when i count to three you will PUSH! 1, 2…

  • Sure, let’s worry about the reputation of hypnotherapy for childbirth, but let’s not forget the reputation of the library itself! Can you imagine what the community would think of your library if you kept this book in circulation?

  • I do believe that hypnosis can be helpful during the childbirth, it can certainly calm nerves, lessen the pain and overall, make this chaotic event easier to go through. But, these photos do really look creepy…