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Cheapskate Travel

Go for FreeGo For Free!  The Complete Guide to Free and Discount Vacations

This books has two huge tears in the front cover.  That’s strike one.  It was written in 1989.  There’s strike two.  This would be a great book if it was written within the last five years, but instead it gives airline, hotel, and rental car information from 20 years ago.  On top of all this, it’s really ugly!  Maybe the author wanted to keep with the theme of “cheap” and leave out any graphic design or cover art.  It looks like something any student in my library’s beginner computer class could whip up after their first lesson.

Strike three:  it’s OUT!


0 Responses to Cheapskate Travel

  • I misread the title and thought it said “Discount Vaccinations”. I love me some MMR vaccine from the Dollar Store!

  • I don’t like books that look like they’re yelling at me.

  • I am glad I’m not the only one who read quickly and thought it said vaccinations. Imagine my confusion when you started mentioning rental cars. I couldn’t figure out why someone would need a rental car to get a vaccination; and if one did need to secure a rental car for a free vaccination, they probably weren’t saving any money…

  • Just discovered this site looking for another. I’m hooked and will send it to all my librarian friends.

  • I glanced at it quickly and couldn’t figure out why it had a little gray whale down in the corner….

  • Thought this was offering workarounds for public pay toilets.

    • LOL! Which would still make it pretty outdated… do they still have pay toilets anywhere?

      I’m thinking at least half the airlines mentioned in the book have been bankrupted or merged with others.

  • I saw “vaccinations”, too.

    My theory: if one person does it, maybe they’re just silly or half-blind. If two people do it, that’s pretty funny. But if three people do it, then maybe you need to rethink the cover design and font.