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Celebrity Cookbook

I know many of you have wondered “what does Jack Lord cook for dinner?” No, it is not some exotic dish from Hawaii. It is watercress soup.  Awesome!

This book has all the hot celebrities that no one under the age of 35 will remember without a Google search. For those of us who are more mature, there are lots of stars of yesteryear featured.  Dina Merrill and her Mussels, Vikki Carr and her Chicken Catalana, and Anthony Quinn’s Stuffed Potatoes are just a few of the names. Besides the Hollywood crowd, Mark Spitz, Dr Jean Mayer, and Muriel Humphrey have featured recipes. I found myself just flipping through and trying to remember who was still alive.



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jimmy stewart recipe

Natalie Wood recipe

mark spitz

bette davis recipe


  1. The comment about Natalie Wood cooking mainly on boats is particularly ironic/tragic considering her still not-fully explained drowning death.

    Also, a mustard jello ring sounds horrific.

  2. Not a good idea to assume and generalize. I am only 32 and recognize many of the names. Don’t assume “no one under 35” will know them.

  3. Why is Bette Davis on the floor with newspapers and paste? Her dish sounds disgusting. Perhaps she smoked so much that her taste buds died.

    1. I dunno, laying down plenty of newspaper on the floor sounds like a sensible way to prepare the house before serving that recipe. When the guests start barfing, you don’t have to worry about your parquet.

    1. Ok, I was horrified at first reading of Bette’s recipe, but reading how it worked with the ham steak it does sound good. Like I’d rather eat it at their house than make it at my own.

      Who is the blonde next to Woody Allen??


    Sorry, I got excited.

    I found this book at a library book sale last year, and got so excited because of how awful and cheesy it looked. I promptly bought it, and now it sits on my shelf.

  5. It’s funny that they said “celebrities no one under 35 would know without a google search” because I’m 30 and I had never heard of any of the ones that were listed other than Mark Spitz because I do know a fair bit about sports.

    1. I’m 47 and none of those names chime until we get down to Jimmy Stewart. I guessed correctly that I’ve heard the name of Anthony Quinn (1915-2001) because he was also an actor, but I wasn’t very confident of that, and I thought he was British, so I really had very little idea.

      Interpreting Wikipedia, Anthony Quinn and his first and second wives apparently split up for the sake of the children, that he’d started having with the second and third wives, respectively.

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