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Magical Decorated Cakes


Pasteles Magicos Decorados
Welsh, French

Submitter: Here is book I just discarded from our library collection. The title of our book is Magical Decorated Cakes. I also took a picture of one of the cakes inside the book, a typewriter cake.

Holly: These cakes are awesome!  This book would be REALLY cool if it showed you how to make a cake in the shape of an iPhone or an eReader.  Unfortunately…it doesn’t.

Foiled Again!


Cooking Made Microwave Easy
Better Homes & Gardens


Submitter: Found this gem while weeding some vhs tapes.  I hadn’t realized that there were even microwave cooking tips out there, and coming from Better Homes and Gardens, they’re bound to be good, right!  Right?  What’s this about shielding with aluminum foil?  Sounds safe!


Holly: Well, I’ll be darned.  The USDA has a fact sheet that says small amounts of aluminum foil can be used in a microwave!  Even so, this is a VHS tape from 1987.  Let it go.


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Microwave Gourmet

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Zap It!





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Fear Factor or Fine Food?

The Good Cook: Snacks & Sandwiches
Time-Life Books

Submitter: I just weeded this from our collection.  The photo on the cover is awful!  The content isn’t half bad, but that cover just stops me dead.  I was afraid to open the book!

Holly: Ick!  You figure they probably put the most appetizing thing on the cover to make you buy the book.  If that’s the case, then I have NO desire to read this one!  I’m a pretty adventurous eater – not picky at all – but I would think twice before serving this to…well, anyone.