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Tips for Living Easy

Today’s Tips for Easy Living

If you remember the Today Show from the late 1970s or early 80s, you might remember Dian Thomas and her lifestyle segments. She is still around, according to her website, as a speaker and author. The book is a bit dated, but the recipes are typical of the time, especially to my “sophisticated” Midwestern palate. Extra points for being pretty easy for my limited skills in the kitchen. Exception: I am not sure about the tomato soup cake recipe: cake =yes, tomato soup=yes. Together? Just not feeling it.

The book is a general all-purpose lifestyle cooking, entertaining, crafts, travel tips, etc. These type of books circulate pretty well and would have been an obvious choice 30+ years ago. I actually enjoyed going through this book, and wonder what 21st century ideas would be featured. Jane Pauley was my fashion role model at the time and I think I had a similar dress back in the early 80s.

If anyone needs me I will be in the stacks bemoaning my age and the bygone days when my biggest problem was finding paper for my typewriter and making it to class on time.


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Hotdog Magic

The New Hotdog Cookbook

Another culinary gem for the cookbook collection! The whole hotdog experience has just been upgraded to gourmet status. How about some Hotdog Tetrazzini? Maybe you would prefer the delicate hotdog loaf? Lucky for us there are 2 hotdog loaf recipes and I am just wondering which one is the “better” tasting loaf.

I am a fan of the hotdog, it is awesome street food. Anything else is like putting lipstick on the proverbial pig.


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Gourmet Dishes with Condensed Soup

Great Restaurants Cookbook, USA
Famous Recipes Made Easy
Steffanssen and Townsend, Ed.1975

Evidently, the great restaurants depend a whole lot on canned soup from Campbell’s. Anyone growing up in the 60s and 70s probably remembers more than a few soup/casserole combinations. My mother was an expert at turning a can of soup into a meal. I know, for her, it was less about taste and presentation and more about feeding a family on a budget. For me, even if you have fancy titles and beautiful recipes, it’s not probably going to impress anyone if condensed soup is the featured ingredient. I doubt anyone would miss this collection of recipes from the collection.



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