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Minimal Effort Cooking


Jiffy Cooking
Better Homes and Gardens
Meredith Corporation

Once again, we are featuring another cookbook from yesteryear. Can you open a can? Can you stir? Do you just want to keep people fed and everyone to shut up about the damn dinner? This book is for you. My mom was that cook and so was her mom. I also carried on the tradition when I was making meals for my family. Is it edible? Probably. Are people going to call you a good cook or ask for the recipe? Not at all.

We have some seriously good “church potluck” type recipes that require ground beef and a can of soup. Standard favorites from the 60s are here: Jello, instant mashed potatoes, mayonaise, canned tuna, noodles, and hot dogs. I am sure your mouth is watering from all the delicious options!




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Celebrity Recipes


Celebrity Cookbook

I know many of you have wondered “what does Jack Lord cook for dinner?” No, it is not some exotic dish from Hawaii. It is watercress soup.  Awesome!

This book has all the hot celebrities that no one under the age of 35 will remember without a Google search. For those of us who are more mature, there are lots of stars of yesteryear featured.  Dina Merrill and her Mussels, Vikki Carr and her Chicken Catalana, and Anthony Quinn’s Stuffed Potatoes are just a few of the names. Besides the Hollywood crowd, Mark Spitz, Dr Jean Mayer, and Muriel Humphrey have featured recipes. I found myself just flipping through and trying to remember who was still alive.


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Be a Better Housewife With These Cookie Recipes


Home Baking Made Easy
For Beginners and Experts
Lever Brothers

This small cookbook is a delightful homage to the 1950s. Note the fashionable matching aprons on the cover. This is more pamphlet than book and was probably a give-a-way back in the day. Spry is the brand name of shortening that was the main competitor to Proctor and Gamble’s Crisco. In the USA, it was more or less gone by the late 1960s. My mom remembers this as a staple in growing up. We featured another Spry book back in the day. Click here to see that post.

The recipes don’t look too bad. Of course this little booklet is dated but it is a delightful peek into our recent past.  On the last picture you can see the delightful companion booklets about cakes and pies your husband likes. (Maybe the cookies won’t do it.)

Bon Appetit!


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Of course we need to recommend the Gallery of Regrettable Food  and Retro Recipe for sharing some of the love of old school cooking!

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