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Oven Fried Squirrel

Old Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook: Complete with Authentic Sourdough Baking, Smoking Fish and Game, Making Jerky, Pemmican, and Other Lost Campfire Arts

I didn’t realize that “campfire arts” was a thing. This looks like a cool book! Too bad it is falling apart and the pages are starting to fade. The cover has definitely seen better days. There are plenty of more current campfire cooking and dutch oven cookbooks out there.

The author picture (below) just seems wrong. Rather than suiting up, I think Mr. Holm should have had his picture taken wearing flannel and cooking over a campfire.

Oven fried squirrel #FTW.


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Budget Cooking

Jean Allen’s Budget Cook Book
by Vivian Reade

Submitter: The cover of this book was so fantastically retro I knew the inside would be a rewarding nostalgia trip. Although recipes come in and out of style, the nutrition advice in here probably needs updating and if this book is to help out some poor college student doing their own cooking there’s probably a more attractive, up to date version out there. I think this deserves to be featured for the CLASSIC photos of women shopping in hats and gloves inside! Some of the more bizarre recipes inside include “Crisp Cheese Baskets” which are basically hollowed out loaves of bread with cheese grated over them and the Banana Ambrosia recipe.

Holly: What was the fascination with bananas back in the 1950s? And “creamed foods,” too. The bread page (below) suggests filling bread and toast with “creamed foods.” I look like The People of Walmart when I grocery shop, not dressed to the nines like the lady in the picture below.

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Your Friend Mayonnaise

Correct Salads for All Occasions
General Foods Corporation

We haven’t featured an old cookbook in a while so I was glad I found this little gem in my library travels. I think the idea that a salad could be “correct” or “not correct” was a bit interesting. I found out from the chef inside that hostesses need to match the proper salad to the proper occasion. (By the way, the chef doesn’t seem to have a name, but he looks like Snidely Whiplash.) Unlike some of our other cookbooks, these are illustrated with drawings rather than photographs and the dishes don’t look nearly as awful as black and white photos might be.

Mayonnaise for everyone!


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