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Martha Stwart’s Quick Cook

Martha Stewart Quick Cooks

Submitter: Martha Stewart cookbooks are pretty much a no-brainer purchase for our mid-sized public library collection but I think this one has reached the end of its life span. Also, I’m not sure Martha’s definition of quick to prepare food matches with any other human on the planet.

Holly: Well, leaving the head and scales on the fish definitely saves time (picture below). And that pink dress! Wow!


Martha, Martha, Martha!

Martha Stewart Weddings

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Your Friend Mayonnaise

Tuna Chip Casserole or Tomato Cheese Delight?


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Cooking for One is FUN!

Cooking for One is Fun

I get the feeling this book’s title is about your self-esteem since you can’t even get someone to have a meal with you. It is almost like the publisher is trying so hard to sell you on your lonely lot in life.

I can buy there is need for cooking for a single person, but I am sure it is not this particular book. The cover is boring and obviously has “substances” of questionable origin on the cover. I am quite sure no one will miss this book.

Single people, time to get in the kitchen and have some fun. Really.


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Yugoslav Cookbook

Yugoslav cookbook
1977, 4th ed.

Submitter: I am not a big fan of cookbooks that have no pictures at all. I like to see what I might be making. That way I know it came out right. At least if it looks right. Although I do believe ethnic cook books do have a place in public libraries, I am not sure this one warrants the space on shelf. Old (1977), no pictures and Yugoslavia broke up after 1989.

Holly: I agree that the no-picture format is not ideal. I also agree that this is old. However, if there is a large population in your community of people from that region – Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina – they may find comfort and nostalgia in familiar recipes like these. As always, though, if it is not circulating, it’s probably not worth its space. Know your community!

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