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Fancy and Versatile Cottage Cheese

The Cottage Cheese Cookbook

Gotta love the versatility of cottage cheese! Who knew? As you can see from the pages, the food looks absolutely delicious! I think it is all the black and white photography. (The cottage cheese is the white stuff, in case you need help identifying.)

Be sure to check out the recipe for the Cottage Cheese Salad Mold. I dare anyone to make and eat this. Unfortunately, there is no photograph of said dish, since it would probably induce vomiting. Aside from those few who feel that cottage cheese is underappreciated in the cookbook world, I think it would be in the best interests of everyone if we let this book go.


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Save time and money with a refrigerator!

The “Silent Hostess” Treasure Book
General Electric

I love finding these old cookbooks. This particular example is a publication from General Electric touting the exciting “new” features in the refrigerator. Best part are the color pictures featuring….wait for it: Surprise Loaf. (4th picture below) The aptly named Surprise Loaf contains raw cabbage, mayo, cream cheese, pimento and a few other ingredients. I believe the surprise comes from the ability to keep from throwing up after consuming.

Not only recipes, but this little cookbook offers up nutrition advice, hostessing tips, and a bit of food safety. There are even a few paragraphs devoted to the problems of hostessing when you don’t have a maid.

Cookbooks are an exciting subject for study, and I want to encourage everyone to visit Mid-Century Menu and Retro Recipe. These brave folks are taking one for the team by actually cooking and tasting many these culinary delights. For those looking for serious research and archive, hop on over to Michigan State University’s special collection on Cookery and Food, and check out Feeding America, which has highlights from this collection. The food nerd in you will love this!


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Breakfast 101

How to have fun cooking breakfast
Creative Educational Society, Inc.

Doesn’t breakfast look groovy? Evidently kids back then need to understand how to make a bowl of cereal. As a teen in 1974, I don’t remember this being a particular problem, even for younger kids. I think a cookbook for kids and teens is a wonderful topic for a book, but this doesn’t do the job now or in 1974. Despite the groovy clothes, I also don’t see a lot of “fun” happening.



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