Hoarding is not collection development


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What I really want to do is direct

Hey, it’s Oscar night! Head down to your public library and get the latest on cool movie making.  I bet that Spielberg and James Cameron checked out this book at one time.

Make Your Own Animated Movies 1

Make Your Own Animated Movies

It looks like this kid has Oscar potential.  Wait, he’s about 50 years old now.  Wonder how that worked out for him?  Does anyone know anything about this equipment?  I’ve never seen anything like it!  This book is interesting from a historical perspective, but won’t help kids today who are interested in making animated movies (and I bet that’s a pretty popular topic these days)


Make Your Own Animated Movies 2

Make Your Own Animated Movies 3

You probably won’t die…

Teen Hospital Experience
You Can Handle It!

What teen is going to risk looking like a total wimp by reading this title?  I almost can hear the conversation in my own head:  “I wasn’t worried until they told me not to worry”
I know I am a broken record, but if your audience is supposed to be teens, have a book at least published during their lifetime.  I won’t even comment about how hospital testing and procedures  might be a bit different after nearly 30 years.


Be the “Puppet Master”

How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

Did you notice that this is FAIL proof and Foolproof?  There is hope for me!  I wonder if it will still work after nearly 3o years of marriage? I should probably confess that I have been a sucker for this kind of book since I was 13.  I want the secret of what makes a man “tick”.    I do know that what my husband wants and that is to have control over the tv clicker and for people to not drive slow in the fast lane. Maybe I should write a book?


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