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Vice Patrol

Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

Time to Stop Smoking!

The Stop Smoking Book for Teens

This lovely gem features some super interesting “facts” about smokers: Smoking isn’t cool, non-smokers have better grades than smokers, and non-smokers evidently make questionable fashion choices. (See first picture below.) Generally, this book is more about how you shouldn’t start in the first place rather than helpful information on quitting. Probably not the best choice even back in 1980.

Smoke if you got ’em,


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How to Recognize Abnormal People

How to Recognize and Handle Abnormal People
A Manual for the Police Officer
Matthews and Rowland

When I saw this title, I figured that librarians might need this cutting edge advice just like our fellow public servants, the police. As I read some of the descriptions below, I realized that they could have been describing me. Although to be specific, I don’t think people are plotting against me, I think it is the printer and copy machine in my library. It is the start of Skynet! I am positive!

These old publications are a great glimpse into the recent past and do have value in an academic or archival situation. I doubt if the cops are depending on this booklet in 2016.


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Drug Brothers


Drugs and Your Brothers and Sisters

Submitter: This book comes from my local branch of my public library.  They had two copies of this edition next to each other on shelf. The library system has 4 other copies from two later editions. If the publisher felt that an update was necessary, then I would think that was cause enough to weed this dated book.

Holly: I popped the keyword “drugs” into the ALB search box and came up with 16 pages of results. There is no end to old drug books in public libraries, apparently! Please, go “weed” your drug books. (See what I did there?)


Drugs Are Bad:

Why Do People Take Drugs?

Mom and Dad Do Drugs

Are Your Kids Using Drugs?

Friends and Drugs

Drugs for the Kids

Drugs and the Law


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