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Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

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American Assassins

American Assassins

Submitter: American Assassins has some great information and interesting historical graphics. My biggest beef with this book is the cover. The graphic of the gun pointed at the reader is on both the front and back cover, and on the hardcover itself. There is no escaping that 1970’s graphic that looks like it is a poster meant to recruit and glorify assassins. Also, it is rather unfortunate that the author’s name is Jo Anne Ray. Probably not a relation of James Earl Ray, but ya gotta wonder. “Although the Warren Report states that not all of the reasons for Oswald’s historic crime will ever be known, it claims that many of the reasons are apparent” [p.90-91, third image below]. Typo alert! Should it stay or should it go?

Holly: Go. (But do get something new on this subject!)

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Are your kids using drugs?


Kids and Drugs: A Parent’s Guide
How to Tell if Your Child is Using Drugs and What to do
Otteson, Townsend, and Rumsey

Parents, now your fears can be laid to rest. These guys are here to give you the inside scoop on drug abuse by teens. Here are some indicators of marijuana use: poor grades, nonconformity, and cigarettes. And of course marijuana use leads to hard core drug use like cocaine or amphetamines. The rest of the book is a combination of admonishing parents and a handy drug guide.

Regardless of the quality of information 1983 is simply too old. Weed it, then light up a fatty and congratulate yourself on good collection maintenance.

Note: ALB does not condone the use of drugs or alcohol while weeding or driving.


More help for parents:

Getting Groovy with Booze

Weed the Weed Book

Don’t be square! You can rap with your kids about the drug scene

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Sensational! Lurid! Shocking!

Torso : The Evelyn Dick Case

Submitter: I am submitting this book, not because it was weeded, but because it was actually sent in this week for cataloguing from a high school library. It looks as though it was donated, then discarded, and then made its way back to the library. Pages are
old and water-stained in place. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up in photographs.) [Inserted below is] one of the “shocking photos” promised on the cover, which are now so faded I doubt if anyone will be shocked by them. Plus the emphasis of the
murderer’s multiple sexual partners makes her extra guilty, right? Sensation, lurid murder trials: just what every high school needs! Currently trying to find a kind way of telling them we aren’t going to catalogue it.

Holly: I really studied that picture of the torso (below) and I would not have known that’s what it was without the caption. This was a great choice for a public library in the 1970s and 80s, but I can’t imagine that most high schools go for books described as “sensational” and “lurid.” The worst part of all this, though, is that someone really thought it was worth cataloging! Really? WHY???

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