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Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

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Don’t give your kids any sex hangups

Raising Your Child to be a Sexually Healthy Adult

Submitter: This book is useless in a current public library. No information about HIV/AIDS, no information about the internet and internet safety. Certainly nothing on sexting. Time to weed and update. I am including the fun survey in the back. Have fun!

Holly: It definitely needs to be updated. I wonder how they approach the sex roles and gender identification section hinted at on the back cover? I’m a bit perplexed by the question in the quiz that says “I engage in physical activities such as dancing, playing sports, and swimming.” What does that have to do with sexual health?

Mary: Maybe you need to be naked when you do “physical activities”.

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Overcoming what?

Overcoming Self-Abuse: Step by Step to Success
Haswell and Graham

Submitter: This bound guide was donated to our academic library. It uses the unfortunate term “self-abuse” instead of “self-harm.” Although as we are a Catholic institution, some might see them as the same thing. Important cause, bad choice of terminology.

Holly: I’ve never heard the term “self-abuse.” It doesn’t strike me as particularly unfortunate a term – nicer than “cutting” or “self-mutilation” anyway. This seems to be a manual for a specific Canadian group therapy program called SAFE in Oz. It does not have an obvious religious affiliation. The manual is definitely on the old side. If there are colleges and universities with programs teaching this technique, they should make sure they have the most current version of the manual. There is at least a 4th edition, copyright 2006.

Mary: Self-abuse referred to masturbation. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I doubt anyone wants to “overcome” masturbation. Just sayin.

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Hot for Teacher

The Forbidden Apple: Sex in the Schools

Submitter: This creeptacular cover has two young students trying to tempt their teacher with apples, just like Eve. Below, I included the section about the Police and their then-hit song, Don’t Stand So Close To Me. Other gems:
Trapping teachers with questionable lie detector test
Firing teachers for a sex change

I worry about one case, scanned below, where the school and parents let a pedophile go without reporting him to the police. Yikes!

Holly: That cover! Ick. This book is a victim of the 80s and needs to be replaced with something more current. It’s an important topic, but this is not helping. Also, I didn’t realize that student-teacher sexual relationships were a “common problem” as indicated below. Sure, it happens, but commonly?

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