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Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

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Damn Dirty Hippies

Hippies, Drugs and Promiscuity

Dig the groovy cover? I do.

This is sort of a tell-all about the crazy world of hippies. In the context of this book, “hippy” generally refers to those folks that “reject the values of the established order.” However, they aren’t Communists (because they are too lazy to organize), or atheistic Marxists (because they like spirituality). They also aren’t cynical, like Beatnicks. They are different, because they embrace the use of “mind-bending chemicals.” (In this book, alcohol is not considered a “mind-bending chemical.”) I get the feeling that this somehow makes the hippies worse than these previous anti-establishment folks.

Labin gives everyone from the establishment a pretty good scare about those out of control kids. It reads like Richard Nixon lecturing on morality, sex and drugs. Every societal issue/problem is probably the fault of the hippies. If you are my age or older, you probably have heard most of these arguments from the older generation. It is an interesting read from a historical perspective and does belong in a collection somewhere.



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Bread Sculpture – NSFW!

Bread sculpture : the edible art

Submitter: [This was found in a] small academic library. As a for-profit, so we’re even more at risk of legal action or the like if someone finds content in our collection offensive. I’ve actually been combing through older items in our culinary collection specifically for racist content. There’s been quite a few mammy drawings in the regional cookbooks. Yikes. Those get to live in ‘special collections’ now.

We’re a small college offering only a few degrees, but we have a pretty strong culinary program, which is what makes having this in our collection particularly embarrassing. This isn’t something that supports the goals of our culinary program in the slightest, and although it can be viewed with a fun kitschy eye, it’s also a tad horrifying in it’s pure 70s-ness. It’s dated at best, and racist at worst. Especially with a largely minority population, I can’t justify keeping something this minimally-useful-if-at-all on the shelves that also makes a pun on the Hottentot Venus.

Plus, BREAD PUBES. Freakin’ bread pubes!

Holly: I had such a good laugh when I saw the pictures (below). My sides absolutely HURT from this one. How can a bread-baking book be not safe for work, you ask? Well, click through, my friends. At your own risk.


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Say Yes to No

It’s Okay to Say No
Choosing Sexual Abstinence

This book is part of a series called Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Although this does talk about birth control, the emphasis is no sex of any kind. There is also a subtle suggestion that birth control won’t work and that “most teens” want to say no.

I think the photos used to illustrate this book are the real problem. Notice on the cover, it is up to the girl to say no and keep everything under control.

Just say no to this book.


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