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Vice Patrol

Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

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Sexy Sex Stuff for the Ladies!

Any woman can!* Love and sexual fulfillment for the single, widowed, divorced … and married

Submitter: Here’s something to be a classic. Dr. Reuben wrote the classic Everything you always wanted to know about sex*. Here, in Any woman can!* he lets women know the secret to finding a man on page 242: milk [page included below]. I supplied a few other scans that give us the insight to what our Mr. Rodgers look-a-like had on women in 1971. The public library that had this also has 4 other copies in its system.

Holly: First of all, a hearty welcome to all of the new readers this post is likely to draw! I’ll be interested to see what Google searches brought you to us today. This isn’t the most safe-for-work post, but there are no graphic images either. Read on at your own employment peril! Sexy talk ensues.

Next: this book. The section on homosexuality is less than enlightened, and much of the advice is old-fashioned for sure. This is perfectly fine material for a public library, but it’s more helpful to patrons when it reflects the current times. There are both conservative and liberal – and everything in between – materials on sexuality available, published in this decade. Time to update! (Four copies? They couldn’t at the very least share one??)

Bonus Submission! Because what’s better than one sexy book? TWO SEXY BOOKS!

Free and Female: The Sex Life of the Contemporary Woman

Submitter: This book was found in a large urban public library system. They have 4 copies. 43 years seem too old to hold any relevant advice to women. I could see an academic library that has a women’s study program keeping this on shelf. I love that the author has a chapter on liberating yourself from a gynecologist and follows it up with a skeptical guide to VD’s. Seems legit.

Holly: I think the word “contemporary” in the title pretty much sums it up.

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Sexy Sex Stuff

Sexual Freedom

Submitter: This book was found in a small urban public library. It’s a 1950 reprint of a 1932 French book on sexual freedoms. 1932 views on sexual freedom in a public library? Ewww! I could see this being in an academic library. I give credit to public libraries for collecting this type of material. However, it does need to be more current than 1932.

Holly: Definitely! Sexual freedom in 2014 is a whooooole different thing than in 1932. It’s still important to have access to information on this general topic, but the material is quite different these days. Much more readily available, too. I mean, Dr. Ruth Westheimer was talking about sexual freedom in the 80s and even her material can now be considered for weeding! Kudos to the library for having this in the 30s, though.


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Love Italian Style

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Love Italian Style

Love Italian style

Submitter: Chapter 3 is where all the dirt comes out. We get great insight to a select few Italian males’ mind sets in 1966. This book interviews men in Italy and asks the same set of questions.

From the table of contents I had to read A Roman Truck Driver. How intriguing! I have included the full passage. He talks about how he has been carrying on affairs on his wife with prostitutes and dancing girls. I loved how when asked what he thought about homosexuals his response was “I think it’s a sickness.” He follows that up with two pages of how he has been engaging in gay sex. So open, so honest! In each passage the men surprisingly have had some sort of gay tryst.

Here’s the thing. This book is cataloged in the YA section of my local public library. I could see this book being in an academic library. I am not sure a public library, never mind cataloged in YA , would be right.

Holly: This is mildly interesting at best, but unless your community is largely Italian, it’s not that relevant to a public library audience. I agree that it doesn’t seem right for a YA audience too. Its age, subject, and relevancy to a modern general public library audience is really limited. It’s an easy weeder without  much risk of being missed. I want to see the chapter on the Sardinian Shepherd. Oh wait, maybe I don’t…

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