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Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

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Angry People Doing Drugs


Drugs and Anger

Submitter: Extremely unpopular and cringe-worthy to read, ‘Drugs and Anger’ has it all. Featuring an abundance of stock photos and the youth of yesterday, this book is unwanted in our library. I cannot imagine anyone signing out this book, and they haven’t! For at least NINE YEARS. The red-tinted portrait [on the cover] is amazing. Take a look at these [pictures below].

Holly: There are so many weird “just say no” books out there. They all seem to have weird stock photos and the worst possible choice right on the cover. Are kids scared straight anymore?

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Another Smokin’ Hot Read

Common Sense About Smoking
Fletcher, Cole, Jeger and Wood

The cover was the first the first thing I noticed. You can just tell those folks on the cover are truly enjoying a cig break. Don’t they look happy? That pesky lung cancer notwithstanding, the truth is cigs will age you into an awful mess.

For the time, this book is on target. US Surgeon General issued the big warning in 1964. By 1970, cigarette ads were banned from TV. I think we can safely retire this gem.

I will be smokin’ in the boys room if anyone needs me,


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Time to Stop Smoking!

The Stop Smoking Book for Teens

This lovely gem features some super interesting “facts” about smokers: Smoking isn’t cool, non-smokers have better grades than smokers, and non-smokers evidently make questionable fashion choices. (See first picture below.) Generally, this book is more about how you shouldn’t start in the first place rather than helpful information on quitting. Probably not the best choice even back in 1980.

Smoke if you got ’em,


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