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Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

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The Prevention Posse

Get It Straight: The Facts About Drugs
Drug Enforcement Administration and Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Submitter: This is a hilarious attempt by the Drug Enforcement Administration to connect with the kids, yo.  Your tax dollars at work! We got this through the Depository Library Program, so it’s a government document that languished on our shelves for years.  A massive weed of gov docs unearthed it among much more boring and pedestrian Dept. of Justice docs. Anyway, enjoy the ridiculous illustrations, the condescending tone (the book is divided into chapters! To make it easy for you!), and the cringe-inducing beauty of the Prescription Drug Rap.  Or, create your own rap in a Bring It On Home Activity! You’ll be slamming! Peace! (Just like the Prevention Posse says!)

Holly: Are the pages really all washed out, or is that the work of Submitter’s scanner?  I can’t fault the DEA or the Boys & Girls Clubs for trying anything to keep kids off of drugs, but this could clearly have been weeded by the early 2000s. Some kids are pretty sophisticated, and even those who aren’t don’t want to be patronized or condescended to. This book comes off that way.

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Not My Daughter: Facing Up to Adolescent Pregnancy

Submitter: Here is some advice straight from 1979 on how to handle a teenage pregnancy. The book itself relies on the 1979 resources that are in the back of the book. I am sure most of that info is no longer current.

Holly: This was published about six years after Roe v. Wade, so it was probably a pretty good choice back then. As a general idea for a teen pregnancy book, it’s pretty good. It just needs an update that reflects the last 36 years.

Enjoy the bonus book below: Teen Marriage!

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Drinking and Driving: Know Your Limits


Drinking & Driving: Know Your Limits and Liabilities

Submitter: This book is filled with data and info from 1985. Not so current 30 years later. For a hoot, I flipped to the back to read up what the laws were for Massachusetts (from where this is being submitted) and it was ripped out. Michigan too. Sorry ladies.

Holly: Bummer, I was curious too. I’m all for knowing your limits, and I think it’s a great idea to know how to calculate your blood alcohol. Here’s an even better idea: always have a designated driver if you know you’ll be drinking, or stay home. The statistics in this book are no longer helpful, and if the pages for your particular state are ripped out, then the book is much less useful to your patrons.

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