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Vice Patrol refers to posts that concern all matters of sin.

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If your child is drinking…

If Your Child is Drinking…
What you can do to fight alcohol abuse at home, at school and in the community

I think the cover art says it all. You life is shattered! Get it?

Of course this information is outdated and so are the agencies in the referral. It probably goes without saying there aren’t any websites either…

This is a great example of a book way past a sell-by date. It isn’t necessarily bad (although the cover art is weird), there are better and more modern resources for patrons. Give me a reason to keep rather than a reason to weed.


More Substance Abuse:

Doobie Books in Kiddie Land

Don’t be a “square”! You can rap with the kids about the drug scene

Getting Groovy with Booze

Driving High

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Angry Cool Kids

Drugs and Anger

Without a doubt, drugs and other substance abuse materials for kids is an eternal gold mine of laughs for ALB. So we have another drugs are bad book for your consideration. The title Drugs and Anger first made me ask: Maybe they are taking the wrong drugs? And then there is that snappy, oh-so-subtle graphic for the cover and my first thought was I hope they didn’t waste the stuff out of the bottle.  Rounding out the problems are the insipid captions on photos that are laughable. Weed it and don’t look back.

How about some nice cocktails instead?


More Drugs are BAD!

Partying Horses? (This one remains an ALB favorite! Read the comments too… and not on the desk or you will probably be too loud from cracking up.)

Drugs are Evil (Another Doris special)

Tina in Trouble

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Don’t give your kids any sex hangups

Raising Your Child to be a Sexually Healthy Adult

Submitter: This book is useless in a current public library. No information about HIV/AIDS, no information about the internet and internet safety. Certainly nothing on sexting. Time to weed and update. I am including the fun survey in the back. Have fun!

Holly: It definitely needs to be updated. I wonder how they approach the sex roles and gender identification section hinted at on the back cover? I’m a bit perplexed by the question in the quiz that says “I engage in physical activities such as dancing, playing sports, and swimming.” What does that have to do with sexual health?

Mary: Maybe you need to be naked when you do “physical activities”.

More Sexual Health:

Sexy Sex Stuff for the Ladies

Sexy Sex Stuff

Sexy Lady Info

Sex After 60

Sex Without Fear

Pirate Sex

…and 53 more pages of sex posts on ALB. <Ahem.>

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