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Unexplained and Just Plain Crazy

Unexplained, aliens, ghosts, weird stuff, and of course the category defying label of WTF.


The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln

Submitter: (Warning… 12 year old boy humor alert : ) This book is about an unusual looking boy whose parents send him away to camp where he meets other unusual looking children & realizes he’s ok.  So heartwarming, right? Nope.  We were asked to weed this book from our elementary school library because a parent complained a character’s illustrated nose looked like a penis.  I’m not even kidding! It probably doesn’t help that the character’s name is ‘Dickie’ (he is a boy who looks like Richard Nixon).  I guess we won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.

Holly: Our favorite type of humor! This is a weird book, and the nose does look like a penis, but that doesn’t make it weed-worthy.  Do the kids like it? Does it circulate? Also, I like how the complaining parent is more concerned about the penis nose than the kid whose face looks like a horse’s a$$.

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We Are Not Alone…

Flying Saucers, Serious Business

Submitter: My local library has a whole shelf of dusty old books on UFOs and aliens. There must have been a serious need for the collection as all of these books are from the 1960’s and 70’s. Now they seem to languish on the shelf. I think newer books on this topic might spur interest in the older titles, but all they have are these older ones. Are they worth keeping?

Holly: Nope. A few, sure, and really “important” or well-known old ones if there is a flying saucer “problem” in your town. (Roswell, NM can keep all the flying saucer books they want!) Everyone else needs to identify their flying saucer and alien collection goals and collect accordingly.

*See below for two bonus books from Submitter!

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Aliens Identified

Spaceship Moon

I Want to Believe

More UFO Books for Your Consideration

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Deviant Minorities

The Emergence of Deviant Minorities, Social Problems and Social change

Submitter: This book is giving the reader information on what are being classified as current Deviant Minorities. It mostly uses information from the previous decade. Since this book is from 1972, that decade would be the 1960’s. So, not too current for a small public library. There may be some value in this for a research or academic library. I am not convinced that the small public library, filled to the brim, is the best place to hold this. The creepy cover and scotch tape binding also add some additional thoughts!

Holly: An interesting book, for sure, but too old to be useful to most public library patrons. If it takes more time and tape to fix a book than the actual book is worth, it might be time to consider the recycle bin. Just sayin’.

More Social Problems:

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Teens in the Family Way

Crips & Bloods

Sharks Vs. Jets

Jobs for Deviants

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