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Unexplained and Just Plain Crazy

Unexplained, aliens, ghosts, weird stuff, and of course the category defying label of WTF.

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Prepare for the Apocalypse

ApocalypsApocalypse 2012 covere 2012: A Scientific Investigation Into Civilization’s End

These are always fun books after the fact. Here we are, five years later, and civilization is still hanging in there. By a thread, probably, but we’re still here!

Look, libraries can absolutely buy these books. I don’t have any real beef with the book itself or the library in which it was found (public). I don’t personally go for apocalyptic non-fiction, but the library’s collection isn’t all about me, so that’s fine. This one has a science focus to balance those with a religious bent. Even if they don’t pan out when the time comes, people will read the book. Everyone has to know their own community and how it might go over with their clientele, but it was probably a reasonable choice in the library in which it was found.

The back cover is frightening (pictured below). It’s supposedly funny, though, so…bonus!


See you at the bitter end,



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Team Edward or Team Jacob

A Clutch of Vampires - cover

A Clutch Of Vampires

Submitter: We recently went through a remodel that meant for a LOT of weeding. This lovely book was among the ones to go. My coworkers, knowing I love (non-sparkling) vampires right away handed it to me. It’s perfect for my personal library, but not a public one. Besides the yellow pages and black and white pictures, there’s just been a lot more written about vampires in fiction, folklore, and even science. With the latter my favorites are “Vampires, Burial, And Death” by Paul Barber and “Vampire Forensics” by Mark Jenkins.

Holly: Vampires did become trendy for a while there, between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight. In my library, vampire fiction is still pretty popular. I even came across one called “Amish Vampires in Space.” A first I thought maybe people who are into the more classic idea of vampires would actually go for “A Clutch of Vampires,” but Submitter him/herself seems to fall into that category and is calling it out. So, update your vampire books, everyone!



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