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Purrrfect Poetry

Honorable Cat

Submitter: This book isn’t just poetry about cats – It’s poetry from the viewpoints of cats. The poems are cute and extremely ridiculous. The most outrageous part is the author’s discussion at the beginning of the book on whether cats are “womany, and vice versa.” Women can be “catty”, you know! – yuck. Mostly though, the book hasn’t been checked out in many years, so it had to go.

Holly: Author of “The Silent Miaow”? I’ve gotta look that one up! I guess this one falls in the category of “there’s something for everyone.” It’s definitely…eccentric. I’d weed it for lack of interest if it hasn’t checked out in many years, but these are the kinds of “awful” library books that I can actually get on board with. I like the idea of a few oddball items in the collection for those oddball patrons who dig them. It’s not harmful or wrong, just weird. Of course, if shelf space is at a premium and/or your objective is for a truly popular materials collection, it should go. No one will miss it. I’d like to make a “weird books” display. I’d include things like:

Dancing With Cats

Why Cats Paint

Echoes of Love

Groovy Poetry

On the Catwalk

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Find that Water!

The Beginner’s Handbook of Dowsing

Submitter: Not one but TWO schools in our district weeded this title in December 2014.

Beyond the fact that it is 40 years old, we both wondered: “What the heck? Was there a dowsing club in our small town? Was there a fire sale on dowsing books in the mid seventies, and both the middle and high school librarians decided they just had to round out their fluvial sections with a dowsing book?”

And most entertaining (to me), was that the middle school librarian weeded this title in December and sent me a picture in disbelieve that it was on her shelves. I laughed to myself thinking, “My god, does she never weed? How is this book on the shelves?” And I found the very same book on MY shelves (high school library) only two weeks later. She’s been at that school 3 months. I’ve been at my school 13 years. MY BAD.

ps. Sorry we don’t have any scanned pages to include. We both tossed this book so fast that we have no evidence…


Holly: Mary and I used to work at a public library where a dowsing club met regularly, and this book probably would have done well there, even though it’s 41 years old. It is an odd choice for a middle or high school library, for sure. Every time I weed I find something I shake my head at and wonder how I possibly missed it last time, when it hasn’t weeded in forever. Good catch!

Mary: Fear not! I found a copy in a local library and scanned few interior pages. I still don’t get the whole dowsing thing, but I do like a browse in the 100s for my dose of weirdness.

From the 100s:

Spaceship Moon

I Want To Believe!

Out of the Body or Out of the Library?

“You are such a tight ass” (Don’t miss this awesome example of awfulness!)

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Spaceship Moon

Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon

Submitter: I decided to check this book out when I saw it in the nonfiction section. Yes, the nonfiction section. I read the back and just started laughing. The funniest thing about this book is how serious the author is. He ACTUALLY BELIEVES that the moon is a hollow alien spaceship and lists like 5 billion reasons to try to prove that that is true, and is completely serious the entire time. Note that this book was written AFTER the first astronauts landed on the moon. I was laughing the entire time.

Holly: To each their own, and this would circulate well in many public libraries, but 1975 is definitely pushing it. There’s this, though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceship_Moon_Theory




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