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Spaceship Moon

Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon

Submitter: I decided to check this book out when I saw it in the nonfiction section. Yes, the nonfiction section. I read the back and just started laughing. The funniest thing about this book is how serious the author is. He ACTUALLY BELIEVES that the moon is a hollow alien spaceship and lists like 5 billion reasons to try to prove that that is true, and is completely serious the entire time. Note that this book was written AFTER the first astronauts landed on the moon. I was laughing the entire time.

Holly: To each their own, and this would circulate well in many public libraries, but 1975 is definitely pushing it. There’s this, though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceship_Moon_Theory




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Animals on the Other Side
Browne & Dufresne

Submitter: Psychic Sylvia Browne and her son team up for this bizarre picture book.  On the left side of each two-page spread, an image of Browne’s now-dead dog frolicking in the afterlife. Apparently, this book is meant to teach children about the death of pets, from a psychic/spirit world point of view. On the right-hand side of the spread, an explanation, alternating by Browne or son, with a more detailed description of issues in animal afterlife studies. You can learn why animals who are prey and predator on earth get along fine in the afterlife, or why there are no animal ghosts. Heavy stuff. So is this a kids book or an adult book? The “children’s side” of the book isn’t really written with the kind of vocabulary you’d expect in a picture book, and it has no story or other hook. The images are unimaginative literal replicas of the text. My library has this catalogued in the adult section, no doubt to avoid either parent complaints or child trauma. Sadly, it circs well and is in fine condition (I seriously doubt any child has used this book), so I’m not weeding it. It is awful, and it’s staying put.

Holly: Every now and then we like a good,  old fashioned collection development discussion here at ALB. I’m posting this one for discussion value, not because I think it’s an awful library book. I’ll go first: I’d put it in adult non-fiction with Browne’s other books and keep it until people forget who Sylvia Browne was or until it falls apart – whichever comes first.

RIP, Ms. Browne. See you on the other…hey, wait a minute…


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Echoes of Love

Echoes of Love, From Heavens Above

Submitter: Published and purchased by our library in 2007, and circulated never.

Holly: There is a very specific audience for this book. It is cataloged with the subjects “narrative poetry” and “spirits.” It is about a woman named Lotte, her trials and tribulations, and how love transcends death. It would make a good read-alike for Sylvia Browne’s books. It was probably written in all sincerity, but I’m not surprised it never circulated. With a Dewey call number of 811.6, it is lumped in with other poetry books. It might do better in the 133’s where people who are into spirits and the afterlife will find it. I’d re-catalog it and try again before weeding it.

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