Hoarding is not collection development
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Living the Good Life

This category covers everything like gardening, entertaining and other “lifestyle” titles.

Do You Know Any Special People?

Special People

Submitter: This one brings immediately to mind people who are labeled “special,” but it isn’t that kind of book at all. It’s more of a “These are the people in your neighborhood”. This is the hard cover version. It’s just now leaving the Children’s Room at my library, but I thought it was such an awful example of “special people” (especially the last one…), I thought I’d send it along to you.

Holly: Mary does love a good clown. I like the diversity of the characters. If it is in good shape and circulates well, it isn’t the worst thing ever, but I agree about the title being a bit misleading.

Mary: Clowns are not “special people”. They are evil and are sent to destroy us. I would hate to mislead the kids.

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“Modernize” Your Home

Home MOdernizing Guide coverHome Modernizing Guide: New Life for Old Dwellings

Submitter: This was pulled for weeding from the shelves of our public library.  While much of the  information is still valid, there have been many improvements in materials and techniques in the 26 years since this book was published.  Most pages are just text, some have line drawings and diagrams, and the few photos are also in black and white.  I’ll confess to bursting out laughing when I saw the cover!

Holly: I’ll see your 26 years and raise you 10 more. It’s been THIRTY-six years since this was published, and it shows every single decade.


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Writers Voices

Writers’ Voices series

Submitter: Look what gems we found in our collection; dusty, middle chapters from lots of books! They are a series of middle chapters of stories meant especially to be used by literacy volunteers. There is a blurb about the author in them and reading comprehension questions; sometimes even a map of countries or places mentioned in the reading. They’re thorough and well meaning teasers that have never been checked out from our stacks. These have been unused and stacked in the back of our collection for many moons.  Twenty seven cliff hangers in the weeding.

Holly: They look kind of cool, so they’re not awful library books in and of themselves. As Submitter points out, though, they’ve been unused and taking up space for a while. THAT makes them ALB’s. Maybe a local literacy council would like them.  I don’t really get the middle chapter part, though. Why wouldn’t they give you the first couple of chapters to suck you in and make you want to read the rest? If you just grab a few chapters from the middle of the book, you’re missing all kinds of context. That makes for confusion and frustration – not reading comprehension!