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Living the Good Life

This category covers everything like gardening, entertaining and other “lifestyle” titles.

It’s all about the homemaking


Good Housekeeping’s Guide for Young Homemakers
William Laas, ed.

The forward of this book sort of says it all: “Homemaker–no other word in the language so precisely suggests what a young married woman is expected to do.”   Actually this is an interesting book and kind of household ‘how-to’ encyclopedia.  There are several pages on ironing and laundry.  Caring for furs is another large article.  And just in case you are feeling inadquate about all the knowledge you lack as a young wife, you can still be pretty for your husband by following the beauty hints!



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More Ovaltine, Please!

big book of family games

Big Book of Family Games

This book is just too sickeningly sweet to be real!  It’s old and lame.  Wrong?   No.  Just outdated.  There are a few games in it that require “a lady’s hankie” (when was the last time you saw a “lady,” let alone one with a hankie?), a rotary dial telephone, or a 5 cent stamp. There are a lot of great family games books out there that are a lot more current and exciting, with more intriguing covers.  People judge books by the cover?  You bet they do!