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This category covers everything like sports,gardening, entertaining and arts. Think of this as a glorified 700s collection.

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Fifty and Fabulous

Getting the Most Out of Your Fifties

Let’s do some math: If you were in your fifties in the late seventies, then you were born in the 1920s. I am guessing that most of that crowd has moved on. Very few of my relatives from that era are still kicking. As a person turning 55 in a few weeks, I am having a difficult time relating to war memories and the big band era. My group of 50 somethings is about Woodstock, Brady Bunch and for a brief time, disco. Groovy times, baby.

On the upside, this book says that you can have fun in your fifties and have lots of sex and spend all your money (‘cuz your savings account was earning around 7%, and by 1980 it was almost 10%.) Best of all, ladies, you can have fun with money and sex too! Sounds fabulous! Sign me up.

This was still on a shelf in an un-named library as of this writing and I think we can all agree it needs to go. Weed it and don’t look back.


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Turn on the Charm! (Potentially disturbing for work since there is a masked woman in girdle. Really. I promise.)

Old and Sad

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Magic Mushrooms

All That the Rain Promises and More… : A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms

Submitter: I saw this cover and burst out laughing, a man dressed in a tuxedo carrying a trombone while searching for mushrooms in the wilderness with a crazy grin on his face. What is not to love? The second .jpg [below] is a completely different man dressed as a tree, complete with bark outfit… a lot of strange men hanging out in these woods. Third .jpg [below] is the man again, his image reflected in the shiny surface of a toaster that just happens to be toasting a couple of mushrooms. Apparently, this book is quite a useful resource for mushroom seekers, but I imagine that most people won’t get past the cover. .

Holly: Someone got into the wrong mushrooms, if you know what I mean, when they decided on the art direction for this book. Bizarre.

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Living From the Land

A Living From the Land

Submitter: I work at a small high school in Ontario, Canada (approx 120 students) and they have not had a proper library since the school opened in 2000. I have been continuously weeding the collection in order to have a functional library and I found this book about living off the land from 1934! While it is really neat to handle a book 80 years old, it really has no use in a small high school library and is incredibly outdated (this book regards electricity as a luxury!). Thus I decided to weed it.

Holly: I have recently become obsessed with all the shows on the Discovery Channel about homesteading in Alaska. I can’t explain the appeal, but I will watch and read anything about homesteading.

Except for this.

It is a nice tribute to its time and place, but belongs in a museum or archive now  – definitely not a public high school library! Wrong audience, wrong time, and wrong place. Weed this and buy something that shows the difference between the lifestyle of a homesteader today and that of someone connected to society. There are so many different considerations for those interested in this lifestyle today!

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