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Teen Bridezillas

BridesShortcutsBride’s Shortcuts and Strategies For a Beautiful Wedding
The Editors of Bride’s Magazine and Mullins

Submitter: I found this small planning book in [a public high school] library. There was once a time when it was common for high school seniors to get married right after graduation. I suspect this book came from that time period and never got weeded with the changing times. This book actually got checked out in 2008, according to our system. Still, I am thinking of weeding it as it doesn’t seem relevant to a modern high school student- including that 1980’s wedding dress with matching fingerless gloves on the cover.

Holly: Everything old is new again! Wedding planning books do seem a bit out of place in a modern high school library, though; especially one almost 30 years old.

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Fifty and Fabulous

Getting the Most Out of Your Fifties

Let’s do some math: If you were in your fifties in the late seventies, then you were born in the 1920s. I am guessing that most of that crowd has moved on. Very few of my relatives from that era are still kicking. As a person turning 55 in a few weeks, I am having a difficult time relating to war memories and the big band era. My group of 50 somethings is about Woodstock, Brady Bunch and for a brief time, disco. Groovy times, baby.

On the upside, this book says that you can have fun in your fifties and have lots of sex and spend all your money (‘cuz your savings account was earning around 7%, and by 1980 it was almost 10%.) Best of all, ladies, you can have fun with money and sex too! Sounds fabulous! Sign me up.

This was still on a shelf in an un-named library as of this writing and I think we can all agree it needs to go. Weed it and don’t look back.


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Rock Out

Professional Rock and Roll: 15 experts tell you about forming a band, guitars, amplifiers, lead singing, sound systems, light shows, writing and copyrighting songs, traveling and performing as the hit groups do

Submitter: I am sure there is some interest in the historical content of this book. Great for a music library. However, I don’t think that a public library should be giving up the space. My favorite parts of this book are the old technology and the then-hot performers of 1960’s. Throw in some old copyright information and I think this one can be weeded. I bet it would be a hot item on a sale cart though.

Holly: Undoubtedly! I love the cover. I agree that it’s cool in its own way, but not cool enough to pass weeding criteria in your average public library.


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