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Not Your Mama’s Architecture

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How to Build Your Cabin or Modern Vacation Home

Submitter: I am an Architecture Librarian, so this 1964 title caught my eye at my local public library. Although my library doesn’t own it; we might, and I stress might, keep it for the architects to look back as a style guide. However, it is completely out of date for a public library. None of these buildings would meet the tough building code requirements of today. The tax and construction cost data is also out of date.

Holly: If I were to build a cabin or modern vacation home, I would want the most up-to-date book I could find. I would pour over home plan books and magazines and Pinterest and HGTV. What I would not do is check out a book from 1964.

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Dating Tips for the Desperate

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Guerrilla Dating Tactics
Strategies, Tips and Secrets for Finding Romance

Are you desperate for love? Are you looking in all the wrong places? This is your book! It even has a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! This book has it all: Flirting advice, pick up lines, personal ads, cutting edge techniques using a fax machine! Sample “ice breaker”: “Do you think we will ever change to the metric system?” (Now I am all hot and bothered thinking about the metric system.)

Waiting by the phone,



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And for those looking for that 1970s porn vibe: Bom Chicka Bow Wow

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Intruder in Your Home: How to Defend Yourself Legally With a Firearm

Submitter: I found this book on my local urban public library. I think it was a good purchase for 1983. A bit scary, but that’s one way to present the information. However, more than half this book covers states’ rights on how to defend yourself. Out of date now. Just as an example, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was enacted in 2005. That won’t be covered in this book.

Holly: Suuuuper creepy cover! Look, this book is filled with outdated statistics. That alone makes it a weeder for most public libraries.

Side note: The section [included below] about sleepwalkers creeped me right the heck out. Little known fact: I’m a chronic sleepwalker. I have regular (weekly-ish) episodes where I lash out and scream and holler. The Husband is not amused, but really he should be thanking me. I’m trying to save his life, ya know? We can never have a firearm in our bedroom.

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