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Boot Scootin’

The Country Music Encyclopedia

Submitter: I work at a small academic library where we’ve been trying to weed the reference section.We found this and not only is it 40 years old, it has that 40 year old smell to it, and many of the musicians have passed away since publication even though it’s written as if everyone is alive and kicking. Gotta love the hair height and the pant suit on the covers! Wyoming’s list of country stations only includes AM stations, and the author claims that John Denver “ain’t country, baby”.

Holly: This is spectacular. The hair! The fashion! It was a great choice for libraries 40 years ago. It’s a weeder now, unless there is some sort of music history curriculum at your school. Even then, I’ll bet there are music history books that treat 1974 as history. Weed and replace! Do enjoy the truly wondrous images below, though.

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Real Life is Marriage and Kids


Personal Adjustment
Marriage and Family Living
3rd Edition

This gem turned up in a donation pile at our library and of course I had to wade through it. The photos were just perfect!

WorldCat doesn’t show any public or school libraries with this outdated book, but a handful of universities do have a copy. Given the number of editions published this was evidently a popular choice for home ec or health curriculums for high schools and possibly college.

Although clearly outdated, these authors do present equality driven arguments such as the home is both the husband and wife’s responsibility, and money should be managed together.  There is even a discussion of children of unwed mothers and children and legal standing that is quite enlightened for the time. This wasn’t as bad as I had thought, given the age of this edition.



Home Ec Memories

Home Ec-50′s Style

I want to be a “likeable” teen (don’t miss the wonderful recipe for Prune Salad)

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Bachelor Pad Economics

Bachelor Pad Economics

Submitter: I bought this book for my college library in order to fill a gap for personal finance books geared toward young men. The description and ratings were good, so even though it was a self-published book I decided to take a chance and order it. To my horror, however, the book was full of crude and misogynistic passages–and completely off topic from finance. As I went through it, it kept getting worse and worse. This book was published in 2013 but sounds like it came from the 50s in its attitudes towards women. Needless to say, this book is never making it to the shelf.

Holly: The author blogs at CaptainCapitalism.com. I Googled some reviews of this book and found mostly positive reviews. One of them did indicate that not everyone will agree with his candid, politically incorrect style, but pretty much said to ignore those parts and keep reading.

Here’s an interview with the author and Ed Drisc0ll on PJ Media. Around 7:52 he talks about how it’s stupid to major in any liberal arts subject.  That includes any major that deals with feelings and emotions, the color of your skin/ethnicity (“Chicano American Studies” was the example given as “stupid”), or English in an English-speaking country. My advice is to know your community before you add this book to the collection.

Holly’s Postscript: Just so we’re clear, I’ve never met Submitter and don’t work at their library. This book has nothing to do whatsoever with my place of work or our policies. The reviews I found *are* mostly positive and I do still suggest knowing your community before you add *any* book to the collection. Let’s not confuse me and my workplace with submitter’s college library or their opinions with mine.


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