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This category covers everything like sports,gardening, entertaining and arts. Think of this as a glorified 700s collection.

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Knife Throwing

Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide

Submitter: No, this wasn’t found in the Children’s section, but it was found in the 796’s-like it’s a sport! It does talk about competitions, but still.

Holly: Isn’t knife throwing a sport? If they have competitions, then maybe so. This isn’t the worst choice for a subject for an adult collection, but I’m sure there are newer books out there. Future circus acts rely on good knife throwing books in libraries!

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Before Disaster Strikes

Before Disaster Strikes: Developing an Emergency Procedures Manual

Submitter: Now, in our academic library, we have equipment in-house to use all of the media types that are still in the collection. (Yes, we even have a laser disc player), but I have yet to find the computer that still has a floppy drive. I’ll be sure to ask someone!

The actual information in the manual is likely still quite useful, but the contents list makes me cringe. There’s some media migration that needs to happen here…

Holly: Do you mean floppy disc like those giant original ones, or the 3″ ones from a few years ago? My library actually still has a USB floppy disk reader for use on our public computers, although it is rarely used. Even so, there are current materials on this subject that supersede this.  We’ve also learned a lot in this country from various disasters we have endured, and those lessons are not included here. Weed and replace!

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New Year, New Body

The 12-Minute Total-Body Workout

So for those of you wanting get started on those resolutions, here is your book. Inside, Joyce leads you through some basic exercises and dispenses diet advice. Also included are many portraits of Joyce modeling her very 1980s exercise look. This whole book will make you want to break out those leg warmers and pop a Jane Fonda tape into the VCR.

Vedral was also a co-author on another ALB post on exercise. Come for the exercise, stay for the hair featured some of the best looking 80′s hair on this site.

Let’s start 2014 off right with some big hair and leg warmers!


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