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This category covers everything like sports,gardening, entertaining and arts. Think of this as a glorified 700s collection.

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Living From the Land

A Living From the Land

Submitter: I work at a small high school in Ontario, Canada (approx 120 students) and they have not had a proper library since the school opened in 2000. I have been continuously weeding the collection in order to have a functional library and I found this book about living off the land from 1934! While it is really neat to handle a book 80 years old, it really has no use in a small high school library and is incredibly outdated (this book regards electricity as a luxury!). Thus I decided to weed it.

Holly: I have recently become obsessed with all the shows on the Discovery Channel about homesteading in Alaska. I can’t explain the appeal, but I will watch and read anything about homesteading.

Except for this.

It is a nice tribute to its time and place, but belongs in a museum or archive now  – definitely not a public high school library! Wrong audience, wrong time, and wrong place. Weed this and buy something that shows the difference between the lifestyle of a homesteader today and that of someone connected to society. There are so many different considerations for those interested in this lifestyle today!

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Design a career!

I can be an interior designer

Today’s submitter found this at a large public library where he volunteers to help people long out of work. As a librarian himself, he is horrified at the materials available in the career section there. I can see why!

People interested in interior design are likely attracted to very visual things. This book alone is enough to turn them off from an otherwise promising career!

From the hair to the clothes to the rooms featured, this one can be sent back to the 80’s where it belongs.

This reminds me of the woman that did the interior design of a new library where Mary and I used to work. She wanted to feature our library in her portfolio, so she came to take pictures shortly after the library was open for business. She was absolutely horrified that the library was being used and that work was being done in her beautiful spaces. The sorting carts were ugly, the book drop was unseemly…pretty much all of our every day work had to be moved out of the camera eye so as not to sully the [somewhat impractical] design. It was quite beautiful, though. I’ll give her that.


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Ladies! Kick off the shackles of marriage

The Divorced Woman’s Handbook: An Outline for Starting the First Year Alone

Submitter: I found this book at my local public library. I am sure this book was very helpful and a great choice for a public library back in 1980. Each chapter has important books to read and  organizations to write to  for more information. All of that is now 34 years old. I wish I could  “Count my blessings” that this book would get weeded.

Holly: This book has a few little nuggets of good information, but is mostly outdated. It’s also sexist – in line with the times, but not the pep talk we’d give a divorced woman today. I especially like the “count your blessings” list (below): “If you hanker for an onion sandwich at 3:00 A.M., you can have an onion sandwich!” I fail to see how having a husband keeps you from a late-night snack. <“Whatever! I do what I want!”>

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