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Doris Hall of Infamy

Doris Sanford’s endless catalog of disturbing picture books.

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Be Courageous and meet John Stamos

Yes, I Can!

Long time readers will automatically recognize the creepy style of illustrations. (Newbies to our site probably should warm up with the our category of Doris Hall of Infamy.) Today’s story features Stacy and her cerebral palsy. She is just like you, but evidently people treat her differently. Naturally, she somehow makes friends with John Stamos (yup, that John Stamos) and he likes her and gave her an autographed picture. I didn’t quite follow how attending a John Stamos concert figured into a cerebral palsy diagnosis, but our gal Doris isn’t really good with her plot lines. However, she did get to go to prom at the end of the story and no, it wasn’t with John Stamos.


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Get Cancer and a Pony!

No Longer Afraid

Our pal Doris is back with another in depth look at childhood cancer as part of the Children of Courage series. (Please check the category of “Doris Hall of Infamy” for more examples.)

Our child hero is Jaime is diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately for Jaime, she is concerned about dying and Dad assures her she is going to be fine and that they shouldn’t talk about it, since it was Christmas. After Christmas Jaime heads to the hospital where she is screaming and crying through the chemo treatment. Her hair falls out and she makes a reference to Kojak and Eva Gabor. Jaime loves horses, so she ends up with a horse donated by the Make a Wish foundation.  The reader never does find out if she beats cancer or what she eventually does with the horse. She is, however not afraid of the dark. Must be some good chemo.




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Family Fun with Alzheimer’s Disease

Maria's Grandma Gets Mixed Up

Maria’s Grandma Gets Mixed Up

I know all of you look forward to when our favorite author discusses major social problems. This time Doris tackles Alzheimer’s disease. Given the destructive nature of Alzheimer’s, books geared to kids should be part of any collection plan. I think we can skip this one, though.

Maria’s grandmother is living with her family and she has memory problems and gets “mixed up”. Maria prays about it and then the book ends. Mostly it is a description of the grandmother’s “wacky” problems with dementia. I am still trying to figure out the picture with the giant hands…


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