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We All Live in an Atomic Submarine

Let’s Go Aboard an Atomic Submarine

Submitter: Let’s not and say we did!

Holly: Sally and Joey sure look excited for their vacation, though!  Nice cover art.  This children’s book explains what nuclear submarines are and how they work.  Atomic energy was all the rage in the 50’s and 60’s, so kids back then probably loved this kind of thing.  It was probably the equivalent of today’s kids reading about…wait, today’s kids are more interested in playing Atomic Submarine Kill Zone Spectacular for whatever game console they have.  (I made that up – it doesn’t exist!)  Really, though, what IS the use of this book in a public library children’s section now?

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Cool and Cordless!!!


Get the Message

Thanks to the anonymous submitter for this catchy title from her  juvenile nonfiction section.  I wonder what the message is?  How about “this library is SO irrelevant!”


Easy DOS It!

easy dos it

Easy DOS It!

There very well might be a reason why someone would want to learn DOS.   The information in this book is readily available without having to make space in the crowded computer section for this ancient book.  A small/medium sized public library’s computer section reveals the library’s relevancy, so effort should be made to keep it up to date.

I just love the cover, though.  It definitely looks like computer clip art from 1985!  Gotta love the $5 price tag.