technology of the past slide rule

Calculate this!

Slide Rule Manual Young 1973 Submitter: Think your posts on computer viruses are something? How about books about calculators that were obsolete when Bananarama was on the charts, or a book on using a freaking slide rule that’s positively Paleolithic.

take better pictures

Say Cheese!

Take Better Pictures: The Kodak Library of Creative Photography Eastman Kodak Company 1983 Submitter: I was helping a patron today who was looking for books in our photography section and I came across a series of books by Kodak from


Ye Olde Word Processor

Beacham’s WordStar Professional 5.0 Handbook Beacham 1989 Submitter: If you can’t remember WordStar, that’s because it was a word processor that was available for DOS and had its last release, which was for Windows 3.0, in 1991. (Cf. for