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Makin’ Copies

Photocopying From Bound Volumes; A Study of Machines, Methods, and Materials

Submitter: Besides being outdated, it turns out we had not one, but three copies of it on the shelf. THREE! The vast majority of the machines used are no longer even produced, much less in service. And I never even knew that in the past, you had to set the dials for exposure time when photocopying! We are an Academic institution.

Holly: I didn’t know that about exposure time either. I’ve never seen or heard of the “Rolla-Copy” [pictured below] either. The thing in the first picture below looks like it would result in lots of torn pages. Mildly interesting, but more relevant to a museum or archive.

I can’t possibly pass up this opportunity to share the SNL copy machine skit. Enjoy!

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Exploring Mars

Exploring Mars

Submitter: I just found this and weeded it from the juvenile non-fiction collection of a public library. I was truly embarrassed that we had it, and then shocked and dismayed to find that multiple other libraries in our consortium also own it. There is no reason any public library should have this as part of its collection. It’s so old that it predates any of the modern era Mars missions like Pathfinder and Curiosity, which it discusses as theoretical missions that may happen in the late 90s. As an added bonus, it predicts that by the year 2019, manned Mars bases may very well become a reality.  (If they do, can someone please make sure that Matt Damon doesn’t get left behind?)

Holly: This book has some fun pictures to look at, and it’s always entertaining to read future science books from decades ago that make wild predictions. This still needs to be removed from most youth non-fiction collections in public libraries, though. Replace it with some new books for kids on Mars exploration! They’ll love them! (Sorry the cover image is so small – it’s all I could find online. The pictures below are normal size.)

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Get Electrified!

PC & Electronics: Connecting Your PC to External Devices

Submitter: This book seems pretty obvious for weeding. A tech book about PCs from 1998? Time to upgrade! If you notice the back pocket [pictured below], a helpful librarian has made a note that the companion disk went missing not long after this book was published. This is something my Cataloguer and I discuss in great lengths. She wants to leave all supplementary materials in the back of the book. Her argument is that it makes the material more accessible. As the Acquisitions librarian, I don’t want to see what happened to this book happen to any of ours. If we are going to spend money on items, then we also need to take good care of them. My library director agrees and we catalogue all disks, CD-ROMs and other objects and place them behind the circ desk. We then put notes on the pocket to let the circ staff know that they need to check out the supplementary item. Most times patrons pass on the supplementary material. Hence, the opposition to cataloguing them from the Cataloguer. How do others handle this?

Holly: We note under the barcode and in a note that pops up on the computer that there is supplementary material, but we leave it in the book. Upon its check out AND its return, the folks at circulation should be prompted to look for the disc to see if it is still there. In fact, they have to acknowledge the pop-up by closing it before they can actually move on to the next thing. Read the screen, people! Read the screen. Oh, and yeah, weed this for age and missing parts!

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