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DOS for Everyone

The User-Friendly Reference

Naturally, this book showed up in our donation pile and of course we are not going to add this to our tech manual collection. Besides, as one of the dinosaur librarians on staff, I learned DOS back in the day so I can probably handle any DOS questions that might come our way.  (I am also the librarian that has been subjected to the phrase: “Mary might know about typewriters, she is old enough.”) Now, get off my lawn.


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The Internet

The Internet

Submitter: The Internet is an overview of how to use the internet from 1998. The internet from 1998 seems like an easy weed. My local library system has 3 copies. Three too many. I knew a now retired public librarian a few years ago who would teach basic internet skills to library patrons. She always referred to the internet as “The Google.” “You need to use “The Google.”

Holly: Don’t do that. Don’t call the internet “the Google.” Just…don’t. There are any number of free internet tutorials online that are better than this book. It was perfectly fine until the very early 2000s, but technology needs to be weeded (or at least considered every 3-5 years). Also, who let someone have a cup of coffee next to the computers?

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Mobile Interaction Design

KIC Image 0002Mobile Interaction Design
Jones and Marsden

Submitter: This comes from a university’s engineering library. It is (I’m assuming) a competently-written textbook on designing computer networks and connecting wireless devices. However, the cover photograph is spectacularly unfortunate. The publisher probably intended to illustrate that the internet is now in all parts of the world and not just in Western countries. It would have worked had they not gone with a photo that says that all of Africa still hasn’t gotten real cell phones yet.

Holly: I literally LOL’ed at this image. If that were the main point of the book, maaaaybe that picture would have worked. Save this picture for that chapter and pick something techie for the cover.

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