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A Handbook for Librarians – National Library Week 2015

Public Access Microcomputers: A Handbook for Librarians

We are celebrating National Library Week at ALB and we have some possible weeding candidates featuring professional collection of that have a library theme.

Submitter: I work in an academic law library and came across this gem from 1984. I’m sure this was useful information 30 years ago, but come on! This book might be of historical interest to someone, but it certainly doesn’t belong in our library anymore.

Holly: Any “handbook for librarians” that calls them “microcomputers” is suspect. The price ranges listed in the second image below are hysterical! You could get 2 disk drives, a 300 baud modem, a printer, and 64K of ram for $3,000 – $5,000 in 1984. We live in magical times, my friends.

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An Ode to Code

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to JavaScript

Submitter: [Found] in a public library. Amazingly, it was checked out as recently as a year ago – I’m not a programmer but I suppose there’s still some valid information in there – still, we have plenty of more current titles on the topic. Time for this one to go! I love the terrible Cheers joke on the cover, especially considering that Cheers was cancelled three years before this book was published. Plus: Netscape! Windows 95! Dial-up! So much to love.

Holly: The Complete Idiot’s series are great, but like anything else they go out of date. Yes, there is probably some usefulness in the book, but if Submitter’s library has current titles on the topic, why are they keeping this?

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Typewriter Practice

Basic Typewriting Drills

Submitter: Who wouldn’t want a typewriting practice book? Obviously that would be so much more helpful than the dozens of free keyboarding practice games available online. My favorite part of this book, aside from the fact that it has never been weeded from my public library, is that it comes with a built-in stand so you can set it up right next to your typewriter while you practice.

Holly: That does make it pretty handy. My favorite feature are the ripped, torn pages and cover, barely holding on to the spiral binding. If the examples were at least a computer keyboard, it would be better, but they show manual typewriters. There’s probably a whole section on the carriage return!

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