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A Calculated Weed

The Calculating Book: Fun and Games with Your Pocket Calculator

Submitter: [This] was in the library of my high school, a large school in a wealthy suburb, until May of this year! This book promises to teach tricks for calculators. However, there is a lot of talk about “overloading” the calculator with large numbers, like anything over eight digits, or giving it “lockjaw” (Huh?). Most modern calculators can handle at least twelve, and some can go even higher by displaying in scientific notation, so that’s no longer very accurate. There are some tricks that involve that thing where you flip the calculator upside down to spell words. Sadly, it does not mention that venerable classic of the calculator alphabet genre, 55378008. Graphing calculators, (i.e., the calculators most likely to be owned by the kind of people who find this stuff amusing) have moved away from the traditional seven-segment display and thus don’t make those letters anymore.

Holly: A reasonable choice for libraries in 1975, but this particular high school can probably do better. Kids are more interested in playing 2048 or Candy Crush than spelling 55378008 on calculators.


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Books About the Interwebz

Submitter: I live in [Canada] and was just recently hired at a high school in order to get their library up and running once again. The collection has not been touched for many years and most of the books were donations from when the school started in 2000. As I was weeding through the collection I came across many books on how to use the internet-most of which are from the early 90s. I laughed as I realized that Netscape does not even exist anymore and how the book on the middle-right is about a program for Windows 95. It’s okay to have some books on computers for a library but there’s no way these books would be helping anybody! These are definitely being weeded!

Holly: Unless you’re running an archive, which most high schools are not, these are useless to your library. You just cleared half a shelf of space in one fell swoop!

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Edwards and Rogers

I am quite certain our friends in the UK will be familiar with the Ladybird books. I lived in the UK for a couple of years when my children were small, and our home was filled with these books.  My kids loved them. Lots of detail and great illustrations. However, like most nonfiction about technology, it needs to be retired at some point. I do love the illustration of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding as an example of event television.


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