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Typewriter Practice

Basic Typewriting Drills

Submitter: Who wouldn’t want a typewriting practice book? Obviously that would be so much more helpful than the dozens of free keyboarding practice games available online. My favorite part of this book, aside from the fact that it has never been weeded from my public library, is that it comes with a built-in stand so you can set it up right next to your typewriter while you practice.

Holly: That does make it pretty handy. My favorite feature are the ripped, torn pages and cover, barely holding on to the spiral binding. If the examples were at least a computer keyboard, it would be better, but they show manual typewriters. There’s probably a whole section on the carriage return!

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Computing Over 50

Computing for the Over 50s

Submitter: While weeding the whole library (don’t be alarmed, the library is a pretty small place), we came across this gem of a computing book. It’s a bit out of date but the book isn’t actually awful. We’re just confused by the cover. What do bears hugging trees have to do with computing? Can someone please explain it to us?

Holly: That is a very strange cover for any computer book!

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Ancient Chinese Science

Wonders of Ancient Chinese Science

Submitter: The juvenile nonfiction section at my public library hasn’t been weeded in a very long time, as evidenced by this book about Chinese scientists. I include a picture of the card pocket in the front because of the “two cents a day” fine that is mentioned.

Holly: It does say “ancient” right in the title… but there are too many references to “recent” times in this book. A new book on ancient Chinese science would be great, though!

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