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Computers from Olden Times

The Computer

I fell in love with this series of books when I lived in the UK. My kids loved these books when they were young.

Of course everyone of a “certain age” will recognize the equipment. How long has it been since anyone has seen a keypunch machine? This is the kind of thing that just makes me feel old. I doubt if anyone under 40 recognizes anything in this book.

I think we can all agree that computers have changed quite a bit since 1971.

In the meantime, enjoy this stroll down memory lane.


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Phone a Friend

You and Your Telephone

Submitter: My wife and I discovered this lovely little gem at our local public library. I’m so glad I can finally read about the merits of renting vs. purchasing my own phone!

Holly: My favorite is the three-step illustration on how to plug in the phone line to the back of the phone. It’s not that hard, people. You know what else isn’t that hard? Making the decision to weed this book.

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Type Up Your Personal Problems

College Typewriting with Personal Problems

Submitter: I have a book we just recently weeded at [a university library] that I think you’ll like. The “with personal problems” is what first cracked me up. I couldn’t help thinking, “No thanks, I have enough already.” Aside from the humorous nature of the title, I’m not sure why we were still holding onto a book on typewriting, let along one that is over seven decades old. We’re an academic library, but I can assure you the school’s mission does not include the collecting of vintage textbooks.

Holly: Oh, brother. (Ha! See what I did there? Actually, this book was published back when Brother made sewing machines, not typewriters.) Books about typing are great for libraries of various types, but for the love of Smith Corona, please update them!

Type ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em:

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