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Data Diddling

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EDP: Controls and Auditing
Fourth Edition
Porter and Perry

Submitter: I work at a public library which is currently undergoing a massive and much-needed weeding project, and found this when weeding the 600s. It is a textbook designed to teach accountants and auditors about electronic data processing. I’m not certain we should have owned this even when it was new, since it seems like it would be more at home in an academic library. Either way, the technology described in the book is so woefully out of date that it should have been weeded years ago! My favorite part is when the authors are discussing different ways that computer-related crimes can be committed, and one of the examples they give is punching extra holes in punched cards.

Holly: The picture on the cover should have tipped off weeders decades ago that this book was old! You guys, Mary was a accountant back in the 80s. I’m dying to know what she thinks of this.

Mary: In my life before library, I have done all kinds jobs. (Accountant, keypunch operator, switchboard operator, corn detassler, etc.) Never heard of data diddling. It sounds like something pornographic.

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A Woodward Dream Cruise Special

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Models T and A Ford Cars

Submitter: This might possibly be the oldest book submitted to your site.  While I have seen some antique cars here and there, particularly during parades or fairs, I am guessing there is a more up-to-date book on how to care for a car like this.  This book should probably be in a library’s historical collection rather than shoved in the stacks.

Holly: Ooooh, there are some librarians here in the Detroit area absolutely salivating over this book! The Benson Ford Research Center would love to have this. In fact, any number of Dream Cruisers would dig this too. Yes, a historical collection would be the best place for it. It looks like it’s about to bite the dust, doesn’t it? That would be a travesty. Please do send this to Detroit! We’ll find a good home for it!

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Portraits in Silicon

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Portraits in Silicon

Submitter: I couldn’t weed this book fast enough as soon as I saw it in the 920’s at my library. Some of the profiles of early innovators such as Charles Babbage and Alan Turing still might be relevant. However, a copyright date of 1987 means this title doesn’t include anyone like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Jerry Yang and Dave Filo. It does, however, have a profile of Steve Jobs, featuring a photo of him with a lovely, full head of hair.

Holly: But it’s historical! Nah, just kidding. Submitter is from a public library in Michigan (not Silicon Valley, not a research institution, not an archive…) I think we all know where I’m going with this. Just weed it and move on.

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