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For Lazy Web Designers

Build a Web Site the Lazy Way
O’Hara Toyer

Submitter: We just weeded this 1999 web site design book today (in 2016…). I was a little embarrassed it was still in the collection. Technology-wise it’s hilariously outdated, with a cheesy, condescending theme to boot.

Holly: I’m all for WYSIWYG, but this is too old to be useful.


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See the world of microbiology!

Wonders Under a Microscope

Hey you budding scientists! Here is your introduction to microscopy. Lots of cool stuff to see in the world of microbiology. An okay book for the early 60s (I’m grading on a curve), but it wouldn’t fly for kids today. Aside from the technology changes in the micro world, there is little to offer a modern kid interested in science. At least there is a picture of a girl using a microscope.


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Computer Time Sharing for Managers

Submitter: When a book on computers has a punch card on the cover you know it has to be good, and this book is no exception.  It includes all the most relevant tips for sharing a computer in 1975.  It details how 40-400 users can use the same computer, just like NASA does!  It also wants to clue us all into “Paperless communication” that will be available “in the future,” which I have to admit I’m really looking forward to.  In addition the book also includes a 28 page one act play, which is really just waiting for the right group of middle managers to bring it to life at your local community theater. This book was out of date twenty years ago. I can only assume at this point this book is being saved for some database administrator waiting for leisure suits and punch card computing to come back into style.  Otherwise I think this book might be a candidate for the recycling bin.

Holly: Ooooh, the “future” is looking bright!


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