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Netting Your Ancestors

Netting Your Ancestors: Genealogical Research on the Internet

Submitter: It is disconcerting to find a book on Internet research published in 1997 in the library. I was very curious about what was on the Internet in 1997! Mostly, it’s about using email. Attached are pictures of some inner pages. A link to an AOL page is listed as the only available genealogy listserv. This book should have been discarded long ago.

Holly: This was one of the genealogy books by one of the genealogy authors in 1997. Cyndi Howells, the author, would probably agree that the information in this edition is very outdated. Genealogists depend on Internet sources more and more. The amount of useful genealogy information online has probably quadrupled or more since 1997! It’s a whole new world, people. Now, let me tell you about my mom’s cousin’s ex-husband’s grandma…

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Cutting Edge Internet Advice

Internet Safety

Submitter: To be fair, a lot of the information in this book is still useful and relevant, but it is just crying out for an updated version! I pulled this book when I saw it ON DISPLAY. Yikes! That’s just embarrassing. The cover photo has a computer that looks like ancient history to today’s kids! Those screenshots of the browsers, though. And I went and googled “AOL Anywhere” and discovered it was cutting-edge technology in 2001 that allowed users to access their e-mail on their cell phone. You know, so you wouldn’t have to buy a second phone line in order to keep your Internet use from tying up your phone line. The sidebar about “energy creatures” with the picture of the crying baby is a real gem. Apparently the Internet community hadn’t come up with the terminology “troll” in 2003? And perhaps the scariest part of all? It circulated twice last year. I’m feeling a little bit scared to go look at the rest of the early 000’s. I imagine this one isn’t even the worst. This came from a public library in a medium-sized town in the Midwest.

Holly: ON DISPLAY?? No. No, no, no. No.

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Geography for the kids

Earthsearch : A Kids’ Geography Museum in a Book

Submitter: This book is a fun hands on exploration of the earth’s geography. The book has been well used and loved based on its current state. There are several things that make this an awful library book. The first are the removable coins in the back cover. There was an attempt to keep the coins contained with the addition of tape, but clearly that didn’t work very well. Where did those two missing coins go? This book was shelved on a bottom shelf within easy reach of toddlers, so a definite safety hazard. The rice has most likely gone rancid and would make a child sick if eaten. Wrinkled pages and pages that are pulling away from the spiral binding…it’s time to go.

Holly: What a cool book! For a gift or home use, that is. It is a horrible format for public libraries. Between the spiral binding, the tabs sticking out, the bag of rice, and the loose coins, this is about as bad as it gets for public library use.

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