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What Does a Congressman Do? (Insert Joke Here)

What Does a Congressman Do?

Submitter: What Does A Congressman Do? An intriguing question! If you’re an inquisitive child, and you found this book in the juvenile section of my locally library, you are in luck! You and two of your friends can check this book out because they have 3 copies. It looks like, at least in the photos, if you were a congressman in 1965 you would have been an old white man. Interestingly, both then congressmen Henry B. Gonzalez and John Lindsay died one month apart in 2000.

Holly: Here’s a definite weeding contender! Sure, congressmen (and women) still do some of the activities described in this book, but it is not a complete picture of their job in 2015. Here is an example of a book where, even if all of the text in it was still accurate, public libraries should still update. The photos are just too dated.

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Medical Mystery People

The Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Mystery Workers

Submitter: [This book] has a great title, but sadly lacks the content to back it up. I found this book on the careers shelf at a small urban public library. With the word Mystery Workers in the title, I was intrigued. I thought perhaps they were introducing the reader to some type of spiritual or holistic medical careers. Nope. Mystery Workers just refers the people behind the scenes. Like the chefs, x-ray technicians, and billing. You can see from the date and the photos that this book is old! Not so helpful to someone who is actively thinking of a career in the healthcare industry. Still on shelf after 38 years.

Holly: This looks like a cool book, back in its day. I like the title for exactly the reason it got your attention. It’s definitely a weeder now, though!

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Fifty and Fabulous

Getting the Most Out of Your Fifties

Let’s do some math: If you were in your fifties in the late seventies, then you were born in the 1920s. I am guessing that most of that crowd has moved on. Very few of my relatives from that era are still kicking. As a person turning 55 in a few weeks, I am having a difficult time relating to war memories and the big band era. My group of 50 somethings is about Woodstock, Brady Bunch and for a brief time, disco. Groovy times, baby.

On the upside, this book says that you can have fun in your fifties and have lots of sex and spend all your money (‘cuz your savings account was earning around 7%, and by 1980 it was almost 10%.) Best of all, ladies, you can have fun with money and sex too! Sounds fabulous! Sign me up.

This was still on a shelf in an un-named library as of this writing and I think we can all agree it needs to go. Weed it and don’t look back.


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