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Pierogi Payout

How to Land a Top-Paying Pierogi Makers Job

This is a real book. And real libraries own it. To be fair, not a lot of libraries own it, but it is still too funny not to share. Imagine the publisher pitch meeting: “What we really need is a book about how to make money making pierogies!”

Well, hey, sign me up! I love pierogies! If I can make top-dollar at it and recruiters will come for me, all the better. (Recruiters? For pierogi makers?)

The contents of this book are very generic, and could apply to just about any job: what to put on your resume, where to search for jobs ads, how to list references, etc. All good advice. I just can’t get past the idea that you can get a top-paying pierogi makers job. It’s so specific! Someone please tell me that pierogi making is considered specialized and highly sought-after. Or maybe they’re trendy like cupcakes? Do people have high-end pierogi shops? WHY ISN’T THERE ONE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD?

I’m definitely having pierogies for lunch today.


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The Future is Mail Order!


Mail Order Selling Made Easier

Yes, the book is really that cruddy looking. I can’t imagine why the medium-sized public library is still holding on to this. Maybe the dynamic cover? How about the cutting edge business ideas?  My guess is that this book hasn’t been touched since the mid 1990s.  Let it go. I promise you will feel better.


More business ideas:

The Atomic Way to Get Rich!


Get Rich Now!

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Careers for the Gifted

Exploring Careers for the Gifted

Submitter: I cannot find any reason to keep this in my high school library, even though it is in excellent condition. I feel like the identical front and back cover are meant to eliminate the non-gifted from being able to open the book.

Woefully outdated information:
p. 111 “Keep carbons of all letters you write.“
P. 26 “Don’t sign up for ‘Band’ or ‘Driver Education.’”
P. 33 Statistics about the projected growth in the field of technology through 1995 are completely useless.
P. 97 I hope that the “Directory of Organizations Interested in the Handicapped” has been named.

P. 24 If your parents are not understanding and supportive, perhaps because of naivete…”

P. 29 “Buildings teach.” I guess we don’t need teachers after all.
P. 91 I don’t really understand how the photo shows the “examination strain” of the students pictured. – Maybe I am too naive to understand.

Holly: Why on earth would this book suggest you not sign up for band or driver education?? What if you’re gifted in music? (Or driving, if that’s a thing people are gifted in. I can tell you it’s a thing people are UN-gifted at…but I digress.) Most career books from 1985 can be weeded out of high school libraries, but this should be at the top of the pile for all the reasons Submitter listed.

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