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This category is all that career information, training, job hunting advice and all those posts that are about the working life.

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Put that in writing


Would You Put That in Writing? How to Write Your Way to Success in Business

Submitter: I just withdrew this from our community college library collection. The typewriter on the cover alone qualifies it for awfulness, but wait! There’s more! Do you need to know how to dictate documents to your secretary? “Dictator Rules in the Office” are provided. Rule 1: Speak clearly and slowly. Don’t mumble. This information so outdated it is funny. As a bonus, Christian privilege is on display with the 10 commandments for grammar in “thou shalt” format! 719 editions in 4 formats are in WorldCat, so we’ll be able to ILL this should we need it.

Holly: Thank goodness! Who knows when there might be a dictation emergency!


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Sexual Harassment on the Job

Sexual Harassment on the Job
How to avoid the working woman’s nightmare
Backhouse and Cohen

Materials about sexual harassment are absolutely an important collection item in any modern library, both from the women’s studies angle as well as from a manager or employment perspective. This book dates from a time that it was difficult to even define sexual harassment in an employment setting. Forward thinking in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but not so much in the modern office setting. I think the strategies suggested are the most disturbing. Not sure I could fake nonchalance about having the boss in my kitchen stark naked.


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Job Tips for the 90’s

Complete job finder’s guide for the 90’s : marketing yourself in the new job market

Submitter: I found this at a local college’s career collection. We all loved some of the totally inappropriate questions you might be asked in an interview. They seem totally out of line even for the 90’s.

Holly: My faves:
“What percent of your college education did you pay for?”
“Do you have any debts?”
“What do you do to stay healthy and physically fit?”
…and of course “Does your spouse support your career?”

My advice? Never, ever ask these questions (and never work somewhere that asks them)!

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