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This category is all that career information, training, job hunting advice and all those posts that are about the working life.

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Job Tips for the 90’s

Complete job finder’s guide for the 90’s : marketing yourself in the new job market

Submitter: I found this at a local college’s career collection. We all loved some of the totally inappropriate questions you might be asked in an interview. They seem totally out of line even for the 90’s.

Holly: My faves:
“What percent of your college education did you pay for?”
“Do you have any debts?”
“What do you do to stay healthy and physically fit?”
…and of course “Does your spouse support your career?”

My advice? Never, ever ask these questions (and never work somewhere that asks them)!

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Cop Jobs

Law Enforcement Employment Guide

Submitter: This book was found in a medium-large academic library. It’s obviously a very dated choice for today – see the salary range and the utter lack of email addresses and web sites. I’ll bet that a fair number of the mailing addresses have changed by now. I’m not so sure that it was even all that great a selection for us back in 1989. We have never, to my knowledge, offered a Criminal Justice program. The attached scan from Macon is the only entry for Georgia. Is there another big city in Georgia that might need police?? I included p. 45 in case you’re wondering about the “pioneers in the use of computers”  mentioned on the back cover. This page is in the middle of the entry on the Illinois State Police. The map on the cover excludes Alaska and Hawaii, although both are included in the text. Don’t you love that rendering of the U.P.? WorldCat still lists 121 libraries holding this item (although it’ll be down to 120 by the time you can publish this in a post)! The Library of Congress and the FBI library both hold this title. I say let them be the ones to keep if for historical reasons.

Holly: WorldCat now shows 184 holdings of 2 editions. No one will miss this if you weed it, people. I promise.

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Your Future as a Dental Hygienist

Your Future as a Dental Hygienist

Submitter: I found this golden oldie in the careers section of my local public library. I love the look of those old uniforms and Section 8 at the end of the book. [See page 130 below]

Holly: Why in the world would any public library keep this in a career section? Whyyyy? Bring this book to a Library Board meeting to explain why the staff MUST be allowed to weed. What possible argument could they give?


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