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What Can She Be?

What can she be? An architect

Submitter: Our local public library has 5 copies of [this book]. I like to think that books like this were the catalyst to get many more women into architecture. We see many at the school we work for. Google Zaha Hadid just to see what women can do. This book could use an update. Almost all design is now done with programs like Autocad, Rhino and others. Few architects just do hand drawings anymore. Also, I wish they had selected more interesting architectural photos then the ones posted. Those designs were pretty underwhelming even for the 1970’s.

Holly: I’m sure these were great 40 years ago, but they’re pretty silly now. These books aren’t inspiring girls to do much of anything, except for maybe be librarians to get this crap off of library shelves! (That’s an interesting strategy…) Bonus book from this series included below.

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What to do when you are waiting to die

Your Rewarding Years
Mrs. Clarence H. Hamilton

Holly and I have celebrated birthdays recently and I am sure this book will be such a comfort as we age into uselessness. (Full disclosure: Holly is 14 years younger than me and I am sure she would insist that I note this for the record.)

Mrs. Hamilton (Make sure you add the “Mrs”) has penned a wonderful book so all those retired housewives can look forward to doing things for other people now that the children are grown and as they wait for death. Mrs. Hamilton suggests volunteer babysitting and other “mother” type activities. She has also penned a special chapter for not being a burden when you live with your children.

Frankly, I want to be a burden to my children. They owe me.

Not aging gracefully,


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What Does a Congressman Do? (Insert Joke Here)

What Does a Congressman Do?

Submitter: What Does A Congressman Do? An intriguing question! If you’re an inquisitive child, and you found this book in the juvenile section of my locally library, you are in luck! You and two of your friends can check this book out because they have 3 copies. It looks like, at least in the photos, if you were a congressman in 1965 you would have been an old white man. Interestingly, both then congressmen Henry B. Gonzalez and John Lindsay died one month apart in 2000.

Holly: Here’s a definite weeding contender! Sure, congressmen (and women) still do some of the activities described in this book, but it is not a complete picture of their job in 2015. Here is an example of a book where, even if all of the text in it was still accurate, public libraries should still update. The photos are just too dated.

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