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This category is all that career information, training, job hunting advice and all those posts that are about the working life. This also has business and legal advice.

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Home, Inc

Home, Inc: How to Start and Operate a Successful Business From Your Home

Submitter: I hate books like this. It pains me to see them in my local library. The data this book cites info from 1966-1980. It is also too old for any information on how to run a business from the internet. Buts it’s still good enough to keep two copies in the system.

Holly: Why on earth would this still be in a library in 2015? Two copies, even. Working from home was a new trend in the 1980s, so a book about this novel new idea would have been a great choice for a public library in 1981. Now, working from home is so commonplace that a book on the subject needs to be pretty specific to technology, taxes, outsourcing, etc. – none of which will be presented up-to-date in this 34 year old book.

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Corporate Attractions

Corporate Attractions: The New Sexual Rules for Men and Women on the Job

Submitter: This book was an excellent purchase for 1990. It takes the reader through what to do and what not to do from the authors own experience filing a sexual harassment claim. An updated book with current laws {god I hope they have been updated since the 90’s}, and dealing with online harassment would be a great replacement.

Holly: It has typos and grammatical errors (“Who’s harassing who?,” “Why do woman fear sexual harassment?”) and it spouts labor statistics from the 90s. Reason enough to replace it, I’d say. Picture the reference transaction from the patron’s point of view. They’re already stressed out and you give them this? Thanks for nothing.

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Dollars from Dandelions

Dollars From Dandelions: 101 Ways to Earn Money

Submitter: This book was found at my local public library. It was a great purchase back in 1979, but 36 years later it’s time to let that one go. Nowhere is there the mention of the internet and internet business. Plus the cost and money information is way off.

Holly: According to this book, Santa only made $3 per fifteen minute visit in 1979. He gets kicked, peed on, cried on, begged for gifts, his beard gets pulled, and he’s required to be jolly 100% of the time. That’s worth waaaaay more than $3 per 15 minute visit. There are some good ideas here, but it’s not clear to me if these are meant to be after school/summer jobs for teens or a way for adults to make some extra cash. The information on each job is way out of date, so even if you found one you thought might be promising (as the check-mark-maker for “window washer” did in the table of contents below), you’d be disappointed in the advice the book gave. Or you’d settle for waaaaay less than you deserve.

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