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This category is all that career information, training, job hunting advice and all those posts that are about the working life. This also has business and legal advice.

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Butcher, Baker, Cabinetmaker

Butcher Baker, Cabinetmaker: Photogrpahs of Women at Work
Saul and Heyman

Submitter: See all the jobs a woman can have. Not only is it way out of date, but it’s way too young and embarrassing.

Holly: The text does seem to be for a young audience, and Submitter is right that it is very out of date. At least they chose things like sheep farmer and architect to highlight; not just traditionally female roles.

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Get a Job!

How to Get a Job If You’re a Teenager
Pervola and Hobgood

I really like the way this book is organized! It’s thorough with mostly good advice, and only 62 pages including the index. Great format for teens!

As you can see from the cover image, though, it has that paperback laminate-type cover adhered to it, and there are bubbles in it. It’s also very dog-eared and bent and getting a bit yellowed on the edges.

The resources page is filled with mid-90s editions that were great choices…in 1998.

It also suggests that teens leave their “beeper” at home when they go in for an interview. Did teens ever really go through a beeper craze? Wasn’t that mostly doctors and lawyers?

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Having it All



Making It Work
Finding the Time and Energy for Your Career, Marriage, Children and Self


This is one of those books that profess to fix your life and tell you how to have everything, also known as that elusive animal called work/life balance.  I can tell you I personally have read what seems like a million of these books in my quest for the holy grail of perfect life, marriage, job and kids. You may indeed get it all one day, but it won’t be all at once and it won’t be because of a silly book.

I just love the “quizzes” in the book to help you sort out your issues. I am sure all of you will find them to be helpful as you move forward in your quest for the holy grail.


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