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This category is all that career information, training, job hunting advice and all those posts that are about the working life. This also has business and legal advice.

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Getting Fired in 1974

Getting Fired
An American Ordeal

Note the publication date. Yes, it was still on the shelf of a medium public library as of this writing. As many of you know, old career and job information just chaps my MLIS.

The author has a book sprinkled with personal accounts, some career advice and even marriage advice (cuz the little woman at home woman at home won’t understand). The best story from this chapter comes from a guy that hid the firing from his wife and banked his severance until he had another job. God forbid,  if his wife found out and he was regulated to chores and childcare. Notice “tell your family” is not the first item on the list.

I know this was a long time ago and perhaps there is value in the anachronistic stroll down memory lane, but think of patrons looking for help after losing their jobs right now.


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Lady Cops

Police careers for women

Submitter: I have found another woefully out of date career book at my local public library. I volunteer and help people long out of work find new careers or jobs. We need to use the resources at the large public library. As a librarian at another institution, I can’t imagine not weeding a careers section at a such a large public library. Yet, there are plenty of books just like this.

Holly: We all know how Mary has a fit every time an old career book shows up at ALB, so she has to be absolutely cringing at this one. It’s reeeeaaaallly bad, you guys. It was a perfectly reasonable book for a public library, but it is so out of date as to be useless! The lady on the cover stepped right out of 1979 with that hair. The pages below detail how it is hard to get uniforms to fit women and how lady cops don’t want to be wearing a skirt and heels, digging their gun out of their purse. Well, no kidding! The page on physical size is interesting, and I’m glad to know that at 5’0 and within the normal weight limit listed on that page, I too can be a lady cop. Score one for me! Think I’ll keep my day job, though.

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How to Work for a Japanese Boss

How to Work for a Japanese Boss

This is less a book about how to work for a Japanese boss than it is a book about the business culture of Japan…twenty-two years ago. This book made sense for the suburban Detroit-area public library in which it was found, since Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, and Yamaha are all Japanese auto companies that do (did?) business around here. Many of those companies still do business around Detroit. Is that a reason to keep it? NO! It’s a reason to weed it! A lot of people around here work for Japanese companies and/or take business trips to Japan. They have every reason to want to know respectful Japanese business practices. Let’s not steer them wrong. I especially loved the chapter on sex (of course), and have included several pages below.

Please update!



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