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Working 9-5

This category is all that career information, training, job hunting advice and all those posts that are about the working life.

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Workout at the Office

Quick Workouts: Fitness Anytime, Anywhere
Time-Life Books

Submitter: This book is currently on the shelves at a local public library.  Who knew people in the 1980’s were so busy that they had to fit in exercise while waiting for the commuter train or even an elevator?  I guess I just assumed that they stayed fit & trim by lifting over-sized mobile phones.  While a book on this topic could be useful to our modern day inactive office workers, it would really need updated pictures… it’s hard to take a good stretching technique seriously when the demonstrator is wearing giant should pads or a sleeveless sweater.

Holly: If you need me, I’ll be bench pressing the PDR, or maybe the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. That one’s got a good heft to it too. (After which, I will NOT look anything like these people. I’ll be all sweaty and red-faced.)

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Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone


Your Career in Teaching

Submitter: This book was out of date by the 1970’s, never mind today. We have included some great photos of what It was like to teach in the 1960’s.

Holly: I was a teacher for a hot minute in the mid-1990s, and this was already 30 years out of date then. It’s a nice snapshot of social history, but unless that’s what your public library’s mission is, it’s not very useful for the patrons!


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Put that in writing


Would You Put That in Writing? How to Write Your Way to Success in Business

Submitter: I just withdrew this from our community college library collection. The typewriter on the cover alone qualifies it for awfulness, but wait! There’s more! Do you need to know how to dictate documents to your secretary? “Dictator Rules in the Office” are provided. Rule 1: Speak clearly and slowly. Don’t mumble. This information so outdated it is funny. As a bonus, Christian privilege is on display with the 10 commandments for grammar in “thou shalt” format! 719 editions in 4 formats are in WorldCat, so we’ll be able to ILL this should we need it.

Holly: Thank goodness! Who knows when there might be a dictation emergency!


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