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Ladies! Make your own sweatshop

Creative Careers for Women: A Handbook of Sources and Ideas for Part-Time Jobs
Scobey and McGrath

Submitter: Creative careers for women has a nice chapter for those industrious women at home. Put your kids to work! Moms, if you love parenting them, you’ll love being their middle manager. Joking aside, having the kids work with you sounds cute. As long as it doesn’t develop into a sweatshop in the garage. I have seen a number of these bindings at my local library and here on ALB: paperbacks who have had their covers glued onto hardbacks. For our binder to do that, it’s a bit expensive. I can understand the appeal of a cover. At our library, people certainly do judge a book by its cover. So in some very rare circumstances, we will save the cover. But this book? I would have withdrawn and updated, not spent more to preserve it.

Holly: This is pretty specific: creative careers – for women – for part-time jobs. You can tell just from the introduction that it is old, and of course the sources in the appendix have no web sites. I can’t think of any good reason to keep this in a public library.

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Crafty Careers

Career Opportunities in Crafts

Submitter: My local public library has 4 copies of Career Opportunities in Crafts. One that can circulate and three that are in their reference/research collection. I personally think you could weed all four. A great book for 1977, but out of date for 2015. The crafts people we help at my library tend to show off their goods on Etsy or eBay. This book will not help with anything online.

Holly: Based on the list in delightful yellow font on the cover, there’s not much still useful in this book. There are new ways of doing all of those things! Good thing Submitter’s library stocked up, and even better that there are THREE reference copies. You never know when there is a 1977 craft career emergency.

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Join the Paparazzi!

Journalist: Eyewitness to History

Submitter: Would you like to know what it was like to become a journalist in 1962? Well here’s the book for you! I was helping a library patron who has been out of work and was interesting in learning more about a career in blogging/ journalism. While browsing the shelf I found this gem. I guess this book would be interesting for a research library, but an active careers section in a public library? Nope.

Holly: I’m not even sure it’s that useful to a research library. An archive or special media-arts subject library, maybe… This is one field that has changed drastically since 1962, so it really needs to be updated.

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