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Working 9-5

This category is all that career information, training, job hunting advice and all those posts that are about the working life.

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Advice for ladies if you can’t find a man

woman's guide to earning a good living

A Woman’s Guide to Earning a Good Living

Ladies, here is some wonderful career advice so you can keep yourself busy until your Mr. Right comes along, when you can quit working. Naturally, we have a man to explain all the nuances of the working world for you. He really has thought about this, and reminds you that your primary duty is to your family. Regardless of your particular wants and needs, earning a living needs to be a secondary goal. Three kinds of women look for jobs:

  • Single new grads who need a job until she finds a husband
  • Woman with school-age children who need to supplement their husband’s income
  • Single older women who are widows

There is a lot of helpful advice about your clothing, resumes, interviews, and job performance. Finally, he as some suggestions for career options. Don’t worry, the serious jobs are for the men.


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Lady Soldiers

careers for women in uniform

Careers for Women in Uniform
Heiman and Myers

Everyone knows I have a particular issue with career books. This one is particularly interesting as it is all about recruiting women into the the armed forces. Considering the year this was published, I wonder how many women they actually were able to recruit, given anti-war sentiment at the time. I have to laugh at the author’s attempt to make the military appealing to women by constantly talking about how great the uniforms look. Every other page seemed to say “come join the army and wear a cute uniform.”  Even in 1971, this is a pretty ridiculous strategy for attracting women.

Evidently, this book is all about selling the military to women using clothes, parties, and fun. I keep thinking they are leaving out a few things.


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Sex Harassment on the Job

sexual harassment on the job cover

Sexual Harassment on the Job
Petrocelli and Repa

For the early 1990s this was a pretty good guide to understanding the legal remedies to sexual harassment. Spoiler alert! There aren’t that many. The authors frequently acknowledge that most women cannot afford to go down the road of making a complaint due to lack of resources and backlash. However, this book is excellent at giving straight up scripts to confront harassers and document your experience with sexual harassment.

I remember watching the Anita Hill testimony and thought finally someone is sharing the reality of working women everywhere. (Insert your own #metoo story here)

The librarians need to be aware of how legal material does expire, even if nothing much changes. Regardless of the topic, a 1992 pub date throws this book’s accuracy into question.


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