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Talkin ‘Bout My Generation

ALB’s wonderful Young Adult Collection

Parents are, like, soooo lame!


How to Deal with Parents and Other Problems

“Steady dating”?  “The Unmentionable Topic”??  This is just priceless.  Wait, my mistake!  It’s 60 cents, according to the cover.  Talk about dated! The chapter titles are great – read the back cover below (enlarged for easier reading).

The author uses phrases like “going steady” and “getting fresh.”  Do kids today know what that means?  And how about the chapter called “Why Your Mother Acts That Way” and the father’s answer is “Your mother is going through a change of life” (p.37).

Ah…the salad days of 1959.

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House of Hair

dee snider 2

Dee Snider’s Teenage Survival Guide

It’s confession time, ALB fans.  I, Holly Hibner, am a closet metal head.  Actually, not so closet.  I have been to several heavy metal concerts and been known to “bang my head” while driving.  Are you shocked?  Just doing my part to break the librarian stereotype…

Ok, now that true confession time is over, let’s talk about this book.  Dee Snider was the lead singer of Twisted Sister in the ’80s.  This was a cool book in my day!  It’s still a good book message-wise, but if you gave this book to a teenager today they would probably laugh hysterically and ask who the clown on the cover is.  It’s definitely time for an upgrade!

P.S.  I will say that I love the radio show “House of Hair” on Sunday mornings, hosted by none other than…that’s right…DEE SNIDER!  Awesome!