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Talkin ‘Bout My Generation

ALB’s wonderful Young Adult Collection

Snag a boyfriend with a meal!

Teen Time Cooking coverTeen-Time Cooking
with Carnation

Want to be one of the cool kids? Break out the apron and you can be popular and throw the perfect party with help from this little book. Naturally, Sad Susie is totally unpopular with the boys, but she can at least get her girlfriends together and throw a little party. One of those girls might have a cute brother or cousin and with your cooking skills you might be able to snag a new boyfriend. Naturally, we have a molded tuna salad recipe with gelatin to make sure you can properly “shape” your food. I am sure this recipe is a sure bet for attracting a man.



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Sarah T. is Drunk (Friday Fiction)

Sarah T.
Portrait of a Teen-Age Alcoholic

I actually remember this title from my teen years and the accompanying after school special. Linda Blair, best known for the Exorcist, (which still gives me nightmares) she was the go-to actress for all roles featuring teens in trouble ranging from unplanned pregnancy, alcoholism, hanging out with Satanic demons. You know, normal teen stuff.

Checking catalog now for a retrospective featuring Roller Boogie,


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Roller Boogie

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Manners with Sybil

You’ve Come Along Way Sybil Macintosh

Teen etiquette brought to you by the ever so crass and awful, Sybil Macintosh. My mother would say she evidently was raised by wolves. There are chapters on all sorts of topics, introductions, using the telephone, thank you notes, table manners, and parties. Helpfully, there are also tips on looking good as well. For 1974, this is at least more interesting than many of the etiquette and grooming books for teen I have seen. Since I was also a teen in 1974, I was the target market for this book.

Unfortunately, this book does not really help teens in 2016. With no discussions on personal boundaries, Internet etiquette and other tech issues, this book is not helpful. I am also thinking that teens are not looking up from the phones long enough to get a book on manners.


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