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We’ve Got Spirit!

Cheerleading and Baton Twirling

Cheerleading books are a staple of most kid’s nonfiction collections. Lately, I have been asked more about coaching cheer teams, rather than from the kids themselves. It’s still a thing, and worth collecting if it is popular in your community. This particular book is doesn’t seem that helpful even for the early 80s. I have tried to figure out these weird drawings and I’ve got nothing. (I do realize that my lack of experience in anything remotely coordinated might be influencing my opinion.)

I do know that it is more than just yelling a few cheers and turning cartwheels as it was in my day. Batons are still a thing, aren’t they? How do pompom teams fit into this culture? I want to know! Cheerleaders and twirlers, please update us on the modern versions and weed this one without a second thought.

Go Team!


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Submitter: This book has some amazing quotes, I just have to share a few of our favorites. Woefully out of date! But fun to look back at.

  • “You are anxious that you haven’t heard from your teenaged son, wandering around Europe on holiday.”
  • “Your head has been covered with a wig more than three hours.”
  • “If you score 80 to 100, you’re probably better-looking than most of your contemporaries. Congratulations!”

Holly: Oh good, a write-in section for patrons to mark up in pen. I’m impressed that didn’t happen 40 years ago, actually.

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Scuba Duba

Skin and Scuba Diving coverThe New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving
Council for National Co-Operation in Aquatics
New Revised Edition, 1970

Submitter: Think things might have changed in the world of scuba diving since 1970? My favorite is the one with the diver and the mermaid — looks like an outtake from “Splash.”

Holly: Ha! Yes, it does. The lady on the cover might want to consider a pony tail or bun next time. This book is too old for most public libraries, for sure. Especially since it purports to be the “new” science of skin and scuba diving.



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